6 Splendid Family Holiday Destinations in India

Are you planning a family vacation but not quite sure where to go? This article will convince you to book flight tickets to India, right away!

India is often not portrayed in the right light due to a few drawbacks. But, it is amongst the best tourist destination in the entire world. There are endless tourist attractions and activities for you.

And what’s better than spending a vacation with the family? So, join the gang and embark on a trip to the dreamland.

Here are six destinations that offer fun activities for families on vacation:

1. Srinagar, Kashmir- Paradise on Earth

Srinagar Jammu & kashmir

Srinagar should be on top of your list for your next family vacation. It has mouth-watering cuisine, breathtaking scenic beauty, and pleasant weather. Moreover, it is a popular destination among international and domestic tourists.

Fun Family Activities
  • Asia’s Largest Tulip Garden: It is a perfect place for the family to hang out on a trip to Kashmir. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden has huge rows of tulips. Also, the tulips here are present in every color possible.
  • Night over the Lake: You can spend an exciting and serene night with the whole family here. Also, you can enjoy floating over Dal Lake on a Shikara, or a Houseboat!
  • Visit the Palace of Fairies: One can easily soak in the fascinating views of the city and beyond, from the top of the Zabarwan Mountains. Also, it serves as the location for the historical monument, Pari Mahal or the Palace of Fairies.
Token of Memory

Kashmiri shawls, carpets, rugs, and spices are of the topmost quality. Also, you can bring back souvenirs. Locally-made silver jewelry, intricately designed wicker baskets and papier-mache are some of them.

2. Chandigarh, Punjab- City Beautiful

Chandigarh- The City Beautiful

Chandigarh is the greenest Indian city. This place is a perfect blend of well-preserved traditions and the latest trends.

Fun Family Activities

Understand Indian Culture through Dolls: Chandigarh’s International Dolls Museum is the perfect place to learn about India. The dolls here are from different states dressed in their regional attire. Your kids will fall in love with it for sure.

What makes the museum international?

  • The collection of the museum includes marionettes and dolls from different countries.
  • The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Korea are some of the countries that are included in the list.
  • The Ingenious Recycling Marvel: Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is an open-air exhibition of sculptures and art pieces.
  • The greatest thing about art is that the sculptures are entirely made out of urban and industrial waste.
  • Also, this intriguing tourist complex is an exciting place for a perfect family outing.
  • One Lake, Many Takes: Sukhna Lake is an artificial lake. It offers activities like boating, trampoline jumping, rowing, solar-powered Cruise.
  • Also, it has a bird sanctuary and a garden of silence that fills your family vacation with fun.

3. Shillong, Meghalaya- East’s Scotland


Nestled beautifully in the lap of nature, Shillong is a picture-perfect hill station. Several serene waterfalls are scattered throughout the city.

Also, Shillong is well-known for its friendliness and the peace-loving population. Hence, a family vacation here is an unforgettable experience.

Fun Family Activities
  • Fascinating Family Trek: The well-marked David Scott Trail is easy to follow. Therefore, it provides you a fun family-trekking.
  • This fun experience includes waterfalls, humongous rock formations, rivers, stretching meadows, woods, and the very amiable local tribes.
  • Full Family Detox: There is nothing better than taking care of your health while spending quality family time together.
  • The hot springs at Jakrem have medicinal effects. It is situated about 30 miles from Shillong. You can go for a local car rental service ton explore the area with convenience.

Best Science Lesson:

You can go to museum exploration. Since there are so many of them, including Butterfly Museum, Rhino Museum, Wankhar Entomology Museum, and many more. Also, it is the best science lesson for your kids.

4. Udaipur, Rajasthan- City of Lakes


It is situated in the Land of the Kings, or Rajasthan. Udaipur is a hotspot for families on tour. Moreover, the rolling hills of Aravalli beautifully surround it.

Fun Family Activities
  • The Fantastic Floating Palace: One can ride over the pristine water of Pichola Lake to explore the City Palace.
  • The Palace is located towards the eastern bank. Mohan Mandir is to the north-east, whereas, the Lake Palace that is situated right in the middle of the water body. There’s a lot more to discover, so hurry up!
  • Spiritual Sojourn: Eklingji Temple, dedicated to the Hindu God, Shiva is a famous tourist attraction that dates back to 734 AD.
  • Also, you can steal a glimpse of a well-preserved heritage. Also, the place gives an awe-inspiring and divine experience for family members of all ages.
  • A Cup of Culture: The Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum bears testament to the vibrant local culture and heritage.
  • You can also engage in learning arts and crafts. The interactive sessions are enjoyable for children. Also, watch out for the puppet show.

5. Darjeeling, Assam- Tea-Heaven


Darjeeling is India’s most-sought-after hill station for tea-lovers and admirers of nature. Mornai Tea Estate cultivates the best tea in the whole world.

Fun Family Activities
  • Fly with the Darjeeling Ropeway: It is Asia’s longest cable car ride. The ride takes you over the beautiful tea estates, rivers, waterfalls, dense forests, and other marvels of Mother Nature.
  • You can take the trip with the entire family. However, each car that you hire accommodates up to six members. Keep the cameras ready to capture the magnificent views of Kanchenjunga.
  • Take a Toy Train Trip: Batasia Loop is the most popular and picturesque toy train route in Darjeeling. Moreover, the attractions here are ideal for a family expedition. It includes the serene Eco-Garden.
  • The garden will help you find some of the rarest, and many unheard species of plants, flowers, etc.
  • Test the World’s Best Tea: Embark of a tea-sipping spree with your family. Test Darjeeling’s over 80 tea estates. Tea plantations cover 17500 hectares.
  • Some of the well-known estates include Happy Valley, Makabari, Chamong, Glenburn, and Mornai.

6. Kalimpong, West Bengal- Floriculture Favorite

West bengal

Kalimpong is best for the explorers of nature. It is home to highly endangered species like the Red Penda, and Barking Deer. However, the city is full of scenic beauty and tourist attractions.

Fun Family Activities
  • flower Power: Kalimpong houses many nurseries, and is the Indian hub for floriculture. Dahlias, orchids, cacti, flowers, and beautiful presents of nature are found in the local nurseries.
  • Some of the famous ones are Standard Nursery, Ganesh Moni Pardhan, Universal Nursery, and Udsai Mani Pardhan.
  • Monasteries and Temple Trail: There are many temples and monasteries that you can visit with your family for a divine experience. Must-visit monasteries include Durpin, Tharpa Choling, and Thongsa Gompa.
  • Moreover, temples like the 2-acred Mangal Dham, Hanuman Temple, and the Buddhist temple of Dharmodaya Vihar must be on top of your travel list.
  • Visit the Extraordinary Paper Factory: Open 7 days a week, a family visit to the factory is a must. You can get the rarest, and endless types, and styles of paper. Also, go around the factory for a spin. you will see that every corner holds a jaw-dropping piece of art.

Your trip to India with family is incomplete without exploring the above-mentioned Indian destinations. The activities included are sure to strengthen your bond as a family further.

Family travel must be a smooth experience. Before starting your journey, it is recommended that you pre-book everything in advance, like flight tickets to India, car rentals, hotels, etc.  Also, consider getting travel insurance for the family.

Write down important information like phone numbers on a piece of paper. Also, ask every family member to keep them in their pocket as a precautionary measure. Happy exploring!

Explore highest mountains in the world!

There’s no denying that visiting a mountainous region, gives us a leisure time, but climbing on to the world’s highest peaks gives us a sense of pride. Conquering a mountainous height is indeed, a big victory! So, if you are a real adventurous person and want to experience a great adrenaline-rush in your body then, dare to trek the below-mentioned top 5 highest mountains in the world. Else, book air ticket with AirfareGoose and have the most amazing time of your life on the these peaks.

Read-on to know it all!

Mount Everest

top 5 highest mountains in the world

Standing at the height of 8,848m above sea level, Mount Everest is always been on the top. Situated in the border of Nepal and Tibet, the mountain can be covered from both the countries. It is perfect for those who really wants to climb the peak in order to rejuvenate their physical and mental endurance. Between April and June, it is considered as the suitable time for visiting the base camp and to try climbing here.


top 5 highest mountains in the world

Well-known as Mount Godwin Austen, K2 reaches to 8611m above the sea level. Situated on the border of Pakistan and China, this mountain is very popular for climbing and trekking. Pakistan is the only place that offers the base camp for this mountain. Try to avoid visit the mountain during winters as it is considered as dangerous from extreme storm. Being the most difficult mountain, the fatality rate is extremely high.


top 5 highest mountains in the world
Kambacken Camp

Situated in Sikkim of India and Nepal, Kangchenjunga perches up to 8,586m. One can simply enjoy the picturesque of this mountain from Darjeeling in India and from Ilam in Nepal. By exploring the Darjeeling war memorial, one can get a clear sight-seeing view of the peak. As this peak is considered dangerous by Indians, no one gets the allowance to ascend this mountain from India. For trekking purpose, Goecha La in Sikkim is considered the appropriate route! Book flights from USA to India at minimal prices.


top 5 highest mountains in the world

Standing at a height of 8,516m, Lhotse is located in Tibet. This mountain borders the Tibet and Khumbu of Nepal. Being very near to Mount Everest, it is the difficult mountains for climbing due to its utmost weather conditions. Everest Base Camp is the base camp of Lhotse.


top 5 highest mountains in the world

At a height of 8,485m, Makalu borders Nepal and China. Being very popular for Makalu Barun Valley, it changes into a verdant greenery paradise that have high waterfalls, rugged rocks, wild flowers, lush forests, and home for various species of birds and animals. This mountain is not suitable for climbing due to its hard geographical elements.

If you are a real adventurer lover then, conquer any of these top 5 highest mountain in the world. These 5 peaks, stand straight with pride so, dare to win over.

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Backpacking Travel Tips for Best Journey Ever!

Backpacking is the important aspect of traveling. It is all about going on camping while taking your clothes and other needed things that must be there in your backpack. If you are planning a trip then as a traveler, you should try your best to make your trip really valuable. Stay calm & practical, even if you haven’t done backpacking. You are still not so late to become a good backpacker and that will make you rock throughout the trip!

Here are five backpacking travel tips that will help you stay safe, carry useful belongings , and make your trip budget-friendly:

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is the basic thing that one should carry with him while traveling. If you get sick due to changes in topographic and climatic conditions, then at least you should have some antibiotic in your bag instead of searching for the pharmacy during the trip. If you don’t use it, still it is good to be safe and secure than to be simply sitting on a bed being sick.

Extra Copies Of Passport And Visa

Losing passport and visa in a foreign country is the worst nightmare that can happen to anyone. So, if you have some extra copies of passport and visa, it will prevent you from getting into big trouble unless you get a new one. Also, in some of the countries like Pakistan & Nepal, one needs to submit the copies of their passports and visas to the local police.

Choose Appropriate Time for Flights

There is no doubt that booking flight tickets provide you cheaper deals, but in terms of flexibility of price, it will leave a demerit to you. If someone is looking at the last moment for the tickets, it will be highly expensive. So, the appropriate time to booking cheap flight tickets is from 1 to 3 months in advance. Make sure to check out all websites for cheaper airfare deals.

Backpack is Must

Backpack is like your wardrobe throughout your trip in which you carry the most useful things of yours. A comfortable backpack with apt size can make your trip a memorable one. Try to carry a minimum stuff and pack useful, it will become easier for you to carry the backpack on your shoulder.

Use Public Transportation

Public transports are the easiest and cheapest way of traveling within the city. Travelers are also opting for multiple days pass for the cost-effective commute. In most of the metropolitan cities, multiple day tourist passes are available at cheaper cost as compared to the actual cost helping travelers to save a large amount of money.

Make your journey stress-free and incredibly adventurous with the help of Airfaregoose that will surely make your trip a memorable one.