Users’ Personal Information Collection

Team Airfaregoose, is highly concerned about their customers privacy. They can totally rely on us, for handing their personal information with us. Customer’s information that we collect is stringently for our professional usage and is kept private. Also, we don’t give credence to unethical practice of customer personal information.

User Information Utilization

The customer information that we require is used to serve the customers with our best services and the third parties which are associated with the services provided by us can use that information.

Any other sharing of your personal information which is not abide by the rules and laws is not processed by us in any case.

Customer’s Approval for Personal Information Utilization

We at Airfaregoose understands your privacy concerns and we try to deliver our best. So, we ask our customers explicitly to agree to all our privacy policies. Only after having the customer agreement we proceed further. This personal data can be moved or transferred to maintain the records over internet

Security of Personal Information

We believe in making loyal customers and the information that user inputs on our website is secured by physical and electronic methods. We use SSL protocols to secure your entered data and is accessed by the agents or employees incorporated with us. And the information is only shared to our team so that they can assist and handle their queries the clients efficiently.

Collection of Non-PII from the Users

Some technologies are used to take out Non-PII (Non Personal Identifiable Information) from the customers.

Have a look !


The temporary information storage which helps us in tracking and identifying your visit to our website are called cookies. Typically, this personal data is stored on your personal device and later, Airfaregoose use that information for tracking. If the user doesn’t want us to keep the track of his visit then he is allowed to change that information anytime he wishes to.

Pixel Tags:

Another common way to keep the track of any visitor on the site is pixel tags. These pixel tags are also termed as clear GIFs and helps in collecting the information of any user visiting the site.

E-Mail Notifications and Newsletters

You can contact us at Drop Your query with your contact details such as name, e-mail, address so that we can reach you as soon as possible. Providing us such details would help us in easy reverting.

Third Party Links and Associations

Airafaregoose has links with certain third parties but  Airfaregoose can only be held responsible for the information you shared on the site . Any other party which is linked or associated with us if found using your information is not our concern as we cannot control their actions.

Subject to Change

We at Airafregoose, have complete right to change any part of our privacy policies anytime without any notice. So, in order to keep yourself updated with the changes happening on the website, you need to keep in touch with us.


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