Airfaregoose is an online expert, which provides the air tickets to the flyers from major parts of USA to India and vice-versa. There are certain terms and conditions before you make any booking with us, you are requested to go through this article before you make any bookings. In case the booking is made through a telephonic call then it will be supposed that you agree to these terms and conditions.

Your Contract With Airfaregoose

While booking a ticket or travel package, you agree to the terms and conditions and pay the required amount for that package.

In case, the booking is made through a telephonic call then it will be supposed that you agree to these terms and conditions.

Our booking conditions are available through the website where a link is generated and sent to you by an electronic confirmation. Always be aware that all the ticket experiences are bound by these terms and conditions.

Booking Confirmation

The general information and booking conditions forms the base of the contract. The bookings made with Airfaregoose is made online, first off you will receive a confirmation on screen to be printed, furthermore your purchase will be confirmed through an e-mail. The online booking software of Airfaregoose is fully protected which makes it apt for the online transaction. In case, any system failure error occurs in the middle of the process then Airfaregoose will take the responsibility for the further amendments and needed important measures.

If there occurs any online error during transaction (which is less likely) then the we will immediately contact you and fix the problem.

Also, all the bookings are subjected to the verification of the payment cards and other security checks.

Note: If you are found engaged in any fraudulent or illegal transaction then you booking will be denied immediately.


If you book your Ticket or Package with the full stipulated amount its fine, else we have the right to cancel your Ticket Package/Experience.

All the products and services provided and assured by the Organization are subject to payment realization prior to departure of the flight

We accept Payments through:

  • Discover Credit Cards
  • MasterCards
  • American Express Cards
  • Visa Cards
  • Bank Transfer/ NEFT

The following are “NOT” included as a part of the cost:

  • Extra baggage charges
  • Custom fees
  • Port charges
  • Immigration fees
  • Inspection fees
  • Airport parking
  • Departure taxes levied by foreign governments
  • Cost of passports and Visas

However, if any of the above are stated in the offer description, then the costs will be included in the package.

Cancellation & Alteration Policy

You are requested to check the details before you book any package because change in plans is going to penalize you.

In case you do so, then there is an administration fee that will be charged by the authorities for the ensuing changes.

Also, you will be informed about this amount prior to making any changes.

Booking Cancellation

If you intend to cancel your package booking for any reason or emergency then you ought to notify us immediately in writing.

We will definitely acknowledge the communication and will notify you accordingly with a cancellation invoice. You will most probably receive the acknowledgement within 24 hours in the normal business days, if not, then contact our customer support.

Airfaregoose might have made payments for your whole package which includes your ticket(s), hospitality, merchandise, travel, accommodation, etc, therefore, some cancellation charges will incur.

Passport and Visa Requirement

It is obvious that if you wish to attend any event outside your country then it is your responsibility to come on-board with all the needed IDs and documents Valid Passport/ID is always necessary and Visa for longer stays.

Note: Airfaregoose is not all responsible for your documents arrangements and also we would not be liable of any loss in case you don’t bring your documents and loose the chance to witness the event.

Handling Complaints

Airfaregoose try to make sure that we make your event traveling experiencing worth the while i.e. Highly enjoyable and memorable. However, if unfortunately something goes wrong then inform our VIP (Host) who will immediately try to solve your problem or matter.

You will be availed with our 24×7 available Customer Services Support number 1-888-275-0882. The details will be recorded for the further inquiry and betterment. Also, to maintain a healthy business relation, you may be asked to mail a written complaint alongwith your booking number and other related information to Customer Services Support.

Our Responsibility Towards Your Tickets Package

Airfaregoose will totally be responsible for their actions and the recklessness of their employees, subcontractors, suppliers, agents. We are also responsible for any lacking in the services.

Also, it is very unlikely but just in case, you find any fault in our products/services or you didn’t feel the services satisfactory as per the advertisement then a part of the Ticket Package is refundable.

However, we are not responsible for any bodily injury, illness or any death during the tenure. Airfaregoose can’t be held responsible for any kind of these loss affairs and international conventions.


We are here to offer you the best but under certain conditions:

  • In case, any of our client suffers from any injury, illness, or death during the experience, we do not accept any responsibility for that.
  • We accept any responsibility for any illegal action undertaken the client. If legal action is undertaken by our clients if and only if, we are notified with in the period of 90 days of the mishap and we if find that action agreeable then we will be ready to meet the incur legal costs.
  • The above assistance will be provided if the client has made a booking along with some suitable insurance policies.


We at Airafaregoose offer no insurance services, and are not responsible for any loss of the customer.

Hence, we recommend to all the travelers to make their insurance purchases separately before traveling with us.

Our customer care experts may refer you to insurance companies, to support your travel arrangements. It is the traveler’s responsibility solely to research the reliability of the company.

Privacy and Protection Policy

Airfaregoose will surely ask for your personal information (name, address, e-mail, phone number, etc) at the time of ticket booking but will never asks for bank credentials (debit/credit cards pin-number) during any online transaction.

All kind of personal information provided to us on our website will be safe and secured and would not be released or shared without your consent or unless demanded by the law.

You may voluntarily choose to subscribe to our newsletter which can be unsubscribed at any time by choosing unsubscribe option.

Need of Personal Information

Your personal information is strictly needed and used for the processing of provide you the ticket and package you have asked for. It is never share with any third party.

Storage of Your Personal Data

The data is stored for further reference, at least up to 10 years. In case you like our services and want to try our services again.

Also, the data is kept to process your complaint requests.

Your Rights to Information About You !

You have the complete rights of withdrawing your consent for processing information your information at any time, which means you can demand for any deletion, rectification of your personal information.

But remember, such requests are need to made in writing. In case, your booking has been made, we still try to make the best efforts to make the corrections.


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