6 Things to Know About In-flight Meals

The quality of the in-flight meal is an essential factor that adds to your experience of the airline. Did you know that the first-ever onboard meal consisted of fruits and sandwiches in a pre-packed lunch? It was back in 1919. The airline catering has come a long way since then.

Today, airline catering is a multi-billion industry. You have the luxury to relish seven-course gourmet meal midair. The quality and quantity of the meal depend on the airline and the travel class. The food offered by the airline mirrors the cuisine of the country it is based in.

Nothing is Cooked Onboard

Open flame midair is a safety concern. It is one of the primary reasons why nothing is prepared in-flight. The food is usually precooked. All the cabin crew has to do is to heat it, and serve.

A convection oven for the same comes in handy. However, many airlines have upgraded their fleet of aircraft with steam ovens. It maintains the necessary moisture in the food.

A Delay in Flight May Lead to Wastage of Food

The airplane pantry is restocked after every flight. The food waste may escalate in case of a delay in flight. All the unconsumed food is disposed of due to the food safety regulations.

Whenever a flight delay exceeds six to eight hours, the airline staff has to dispose of all the food onboard as per the food safety instructions.

Airplane Food Critics Exist

Do you know that there are food critics, particularly for airplane meals? They can be a handy source to gain insights on the quality of food, offered by a particular airline. Some professional critics have their websites that you can check for reviews.

Food May Taste Different Onboard

You may often come across people complaining about the taste of the food. High altitude may be the reason for the same. The humidity, the change in the air pressure, and other such factors affect your taste buds. It drops a human being’s ability to taste flavors by a couple of notches.

Do Not Skip an In-flight Meal

Not having a meal onboard can be troublesome for your health. Food maintains your blood sugar levels, which keeps you energetic. It also helps to fight the flight-fatigue. The airline meals are selected to provide immunity against jet-lag.

Additional Meal

Do you know you can ask for an extra in-flight meal? The airplane pantry is equipped with enough food. If the crew has some leftovers, they would be more than obliged to provide you with an additional meal.

Airline catering offers a lot of meal options keeping in mind diet requirements, religious preferences, etc. Halal food is served on airlines operating in Islamic countries. Similarly, kosher food is offered for Rabbi. Airlines are coming up with healthier and tastier in-flight meals with more options.

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