Unwind the Road Trip Treasure in India

Being one of the major tourist destinations, there is no denying that who doesn’t want to explore the captivating landscapes of incredible India. It will be more delightful if that can happen in road trips. There are so many adventurous road trips that you will enjoy thoroughly. If you love to hear the hurls of the engine, if you find the scenes of long curving roads on serene countryside’s mysteriously attractive and if you are fond of traveling, then here is the list of best road trips in India where you will surely collect memories that you will cherish for long.

Mumbai to Goa

Mumbai to Goa is a 16-hour road journey that one should definitely explore in his life. This road trip will take you to an amazing world. You will get to see the supreme highways and exotic vistas on this long drive. Mumbai and Goa are the two amazing coastal beauties of India. Bring some excitement in your life by taking this beautiful route of Mumbai to Goa with your family, friends or loved ones. This road trip will be one of the best options for avid travelers and will give you an extremely awesome experience. Be ready to enjoy the beauty of these surreal lands!

Shimla to Manali via Mandi

Don’t forget to explore the beauty of hills with curvy roads & the river Beas alongside of the roads by taking a route to Shimla to Manali via Mandi. A lush greenery on the of the mountains on the sides of the road will give you magnificent experience. And, if you are nature lover then it won’t be possible for you to take your eye’s off from this amazing picturesque. This Shimla to Manali via Mandi is a 7-hour journey that will take you to a beautiful hill station. In order to relax yourself in between, you can play with your friends and enjoy the ice cold water of the valley that will definitely give you chills.

Chennai to Munnar

This time, spend a frigid weekend with your near and dear ones by going to a long drive from Chennai to Munnar. This long trip of 10-hours will surely give you amazing experiences. You will keep on wondering during the whole trip that how the busyness and rush on the streets of the city are suddenly taking a new turn to the verdant flora when you will take the uphills drive. You will get peace under the cozy blankets to enjoy the cold weather of Munnar. Throughout the journey, you will find many shops and small restaurants where you can take rest and relax. The memories of this beautiful South India trip you will cherish for years!

Delhi to Dehradun

If you want to gain a very memorable experience, then Delhi to Dehradun will be one of the best options. This road trip will be a combination of enjoyment, adventure & fascinating. You can see the astonishing beauty of the Garhwal region throughout the whole journey. One can discover the countryside in the beautiful sunshine in roughly 6-hours long journey. This road trip will be a complete package of entertainment and beautiful verdant greenery scene when you will go reach the foothills of the Uttarakhand. There are so many theme-built parks when you can relax and have your meals.

Konark from Puri

This Konark from Puri route is perfect for photography lovers. It’s one of the exotic road trip journeys of one hour where one can discover the beauty of nature to its fullest. The slip roads, the beautiful canopy are the main attractions of that historic town. The exotic woody smell that comes from the forest on the both side of the road, the soft misty breeze will give couples a perfect romantic ambiance.

This time, start a new chapter in your life by exploring so many places with best road trips in India. Get an enthralling and unforgettable road-trip experience and bring some excitement by hitting roads, keeping the windows down, doing naughty things and listening to bass-boosted music with a lot of friends!