Amaze Yourself with Pristine Beach Resorts in India!

What is the most beautiful thing about beaches? Is it all about the sun rays that fall directly on the sea bed? Is it the twinkling sand at the beach area? Or, is it the unbelievably sightly sea covering more than the 71 percent of the total Earth’s surface? Of course, it is a combination of all these three things, which enhances the visual aspect of beaches in India and gives a natural and beautiful outlook.

South India is gifted with the best beaches in the world. It embraces all the people from different regions of the country and indulge them in various beach activities. However, not every beach is commercialized but still, there are amazing cheap beach resorts in India that can be the best to have a walk and create memories. Treat yourself with an unforgettable beach holiday by visiting India via Airfaregoose!

Kanan Beach Resort, Nileshwar, Kerala

Being the earthy Ayurvedic beach resort of God’s own country, Kanan Beach Resort is located on the coast amid Bekal and Nileshwar. Situated in the southern part of India, known worldwide known for its scenic appearance of greenery. It has regional Kerala-style cottages that include separated living areas. A person can avail all the benefits of their ayurvedic treatments that are offered here. There is a wide array of activities involving plantation visits, beach volleyball, backwater cruises, yoga, and cycling. The pleasing visual aspect of water makes it look like a paradise. It offers the best services and unceasing hospitality.

36 Palms Boutique Retreat, Cherai Beach, Kerala

Named after the 36 palms grown in the resort, 36 Palms Boutique Retreat involves swimming pool, poolside terrace restaurant, free wireless Internet, and an Ayurvedic spa. One can visit the main attractions that are near to beach such as temples and attend the yoga and meditation classes that are being held there for many years. All the traditional Kerala dishes and North Indian dishes are served here to their customers. Delicious local seafood is the specialty of this boutique. For those who love cooking, there are special kitchen classes and market visits as well. From the bookings for Family, yoga, corporate retreats to weddings & many other functions, Cherai beach is an amazing site to choose.

Chera Rock Beach House, Kannur, Kerala

The Chera Rock Beach House is an ideal spot for those who want to experience the rich tradition of Kerela and love to enjoy the pleasing & beautiful ambiance of the resort. It is situated at the opposite Chera Kalle that is near to the Thottada Junction in Kannur. Besides the homely & comforting hospitality, the Beach House offers the best Ayurvedic wellness Therapy & Yoga classes. Most of the tourists come here only to get an amazing experience from the healing touch of reliable Ayurveda & Spa. One can also relax himself with the friendly weather and fresh air at this site. The marvelous architecture, regional cuisines, rustic charm, modern fixtures, and eco-friendly rooms make it a unique place for spending vacations.

Kannur Beach House, Kannur, Kerala

Considered as the perfect home stay, Kannur Beach House offers the beautiful picturesque view of the chromatic sandy beaches of Kannur. It’s a century-old Kerala house that is situated near the small river and one can take a couple of minutes to take a walk from the beach. One can enjoy the amazing activities that involve watching birds, boating, swimming, and walking at the beach as well as visiting the local attractions such as handloom weaving center and theyyam center. The hosts welcome, offer communal breakfasts & dinners, and provide exclusive waterfront and Malabar’s cuisine to their guests, making it the loveliest place to stay.

The Blue Matsya, Kaup Beach, Karnataka

Located on the virginal sands of Kaup beach, the Blue Matsya is extremely picturesque that gives warm feeling of a home. As the name suggests, it has louvered doors in blue color and windows and the abundance of “Matsya” meaning fish in Sanskrit. It is an ideal destination to get relief from the stress and pressure of life schedule that one has to tackle in the big city.

Further, caretakers of the resort offer fresh home-cooked local cuisines. A century-old lighthouse at a distance of 10 minutes walk from the Blue Matsya Resort is a charming scenic vista!

Therefore, it’s never too hard to stay and travel in India when your budget is suitable for cheap beach resorts for a hassle-free trip. Get set go for your trip and wait no more to visit the clean sandy beaches of Kerela. Plan a trip with your dear ones and book flight tickets to India at minimal prices!