Alarming Airline Secrets Revealed for your Next Flight to India


While traveling through the plane, there are plenty of questions that come in mind. Like if the pilot is awake all through the journey, or the reason behind the dim lights in the plane. The list of questions is endless, and the secrets behind these remain unrevealed for many.

When you have booked cheap flight tickets to India through your favorite airline, you can check the list of anomalies to know what the hidden reasons behind these are. Check out the following list of facts that can be helpful for your next trip to any international destination.

Fly with an entirely new perspective, check these:

1. Reasons behind the dim lighting

Reasons behind the dim lighting

The reasons for the cabin lights to be dim are not really for you to sleep well. These are to give you ease while evacuating. When you leave the cabin in the dark, these lights have already adjusted your vision in the dark, and you will be able to see clearly in the dark outside.

And, you have been thinking, that was for you to have a sound sleep. That is why you would have observed that it is generally not necessary to dim the lights during the daytime landing and takeoffs. You can even relate it to safety preparations, as well. Because when in your flights you have to make sudden evacuation, these few seconds of adjusting to the light can be crucial. An interesting airline secret indeed.

2. Actually Breathing engine air

Actually Breathing engine air

You definitely know that the air that you breathe in the plane is not something that is coming from the outside. The compressed air taken from the engine is supplied in the airplane to the passengers for breathing. You were never aware of this airline secret for sure.

Twenty-five to fifty percent of the air is transferred to the flight deck, and the rest is supplied to the passengers for breathing. This air finally leaves the airplane through the small holes at the bag of the fuselage.

The air that we breathe-in during our journey through the plane is coming from the engine compressor and not the exhaust. The compressor happens to warm the air before its circulation.

3.Unlocking lavatory from the outside

Unlocking lavatory from the outside

You will be surely surprised to read that if you think that you cannot be disturbed while in the washrooms, you are wrong. The lavatory in the plane has an external unlocking system carefully concealed for emergency openings.

You can be approached while in the washroom through the lock mechanism behind the no smoking badge at the door from the outside. Opening the lock is very simple. You just need to lift up the flap and slide to unlock. Do it only when it is highly urgent, else this airline secret can lead you to face the consequences.

4.Unwashed blankets and pillows

Unwashed blankets and pillows

Long flights are something that definitely requires you to take naps and to adjust with the temperature in the plane; you have no option other than curling over the blanket you have received from the airplane’s end.

Are you sure that the blankets and the pillows are given to you are washed?

No, they are actually not. The fresh ones can be observed only on the first flight of the day and that too in the provisioning cities. After that, they are just folded and re-used. And what about the trays on which you get the food served?

Try and not to spread the butter or the peanut on the tray, you can never be sure regarding the washing of the dishes. It has been observed that the tray tables are cleaned only once that too, not necessarily for all flights. Sometimes, only when the flight has to go through an overnight journey. Although a bit unhygienic airline secret, it is just to make you aware to keep you in good health.

5.Upgrading to the First class after the takeoff

Upgrading to the First class after the takeoff

When you have bought the cheaper flight tickets from the USA to India in the economy and have tried every way to ask for an upgrade, you have one final chance for the same after the plane took off. Once the door closes, you can gently approach the attendant and ask for the availability of the seats, if any.

You can surely score an upgrade if you are a solo passenger or traveling with a small baby. Moreover, your gentle approach can score you more points in getting the upgrade.

6.Pilots sleeping during the journey

Pilots sleeping during the journey


According to a survey conducted with the pilots, it has been noted that forty-three to fifty-four percent of pilots have fallen asleep during the flight at least once. For longer flights that have no breaks in between, pilots assign sleeping times in a turn.  It is to ensure the safety of the passengers.

The co-pilot takes charge during nap time, and the same happens when he takes his turn. But, you can never be sure if the pilots really weight for their turn, or just sleep voluntarily. If this airline secret is revealed, you surely will not be able to score a sound sleep.

7.Oxygen masks last for not more than 15 minutes

Oxygen masks last for not more than 15 minutes

From the point of pulling your oxygen mask, they only have the stock enough to help you to the maximum of 15 minutes. This time is, however, enough for the pilot to get you to lower altitudes for better breathing. But, you can never be sure of that.

It generally takes ten to twenty minutes by the plane to get down to a comfortable altitude. This depends upon the current altitude.

8.Plane water actually not clean

Plane water actually not clean

If the water you consumed is not from the bottle, you are undoubtedly inviting ill health. It has been observed that the water taken from the ports can get contaminated with the bacteria.

It is, therefore, not safe to take the water that is not sealed. Be attentive to maintain good health during your journey.

9.Pilots do not get the same meal

Pilots do not get the same meal

The food that you are served during the journey is different from that given to the pilot for obvious reasons. It is not the case that the food given to you is bad. But, serving different food to the pilots is for your good.

In case the food served to the passengers get contaminated, the airlines cannot afford the pilots to fall sick. The safety of the passengers is in the hands of the pilots, so proper measures are taken to maintain their good health all through the journey.

These concealed secrets about the airplane can be helpful for you to have a better travel experience for your next flights to India.


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