Top 10 South Indian Destinations for Your Next Solo Travel


Solo travel has become extremely popular over the last few years among travelers, especially women. And, there is a reason for this. Not only can you travel at your own speed but also make friends all around the world.

Thus, the need arises for some great solo travel destinations. South India can be an ideal choice for this. There are numerous destinations here that have pleasant weather and welcoming crowd. Also, it is safe.

Further, you can travel to India with no trouble. Also, it is easy to find cheap flights to the USA from India for your return, as well.

Here is our well-devised list of some must-visit solo travel destinations in South India.


This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Karnataka is a great solo travel location. Also, this is a heaven for temple lovers and history aficionados. Make sure to pay tribute to the Virupaksha temple here.

Further, you can visit Hampi for the Vijaya Utsav. For this, you will have to book a flight for the first week of November. Also, the purpose of this festival is to honor its glorious past. Besides, you can have the finger-licking delicacies here.


This hill station in Kerala is a must-visit solo travel destinations in India. The lush green mountains here have beautiful tea gardens. And, they are a sight for sore eyes. The place is perfect for honeymooners, as well. Also, it is ideal for a romantic getaway.

Further, you can look for cheap flights from New York to India to visit it. Make sure to visit the tea plantations and the Eravikulam National Park. The natural flora and fauna of Munnar are sure to amaze you.

The natural beauty of the place will never disappoint you. You are sure to find peace and serenity here. Also, make sure to dig into their lip-smacking street food. Moreover, you will find it at an affordable price.


This is another cheap solo travel destination that is best for temple lovers. Also, foodies will love this place too. There are a lot of cafes here. The most famous attraction here is a beach trek. It covers three major beaches in the city. Thus, make sure to go on it.

Further, the place has picturesque and peaceful beaches. These non-crowded beaches are best for those traveling solo. Thus, make sure to visit this place that is full of greenery.


This port town in Kerala will provide you with a mesmerizing view of the Arabian Sea. Thus, it is an excellent destination for your next solo travel. Since airline tickets to India are readily available online, you can visit this place with no trouble.

Further, this fantastic city has people from various cultures. And you can visit the glorious churches here. These will remind you of the colonial past of the town. Moreover, the food here is something you must not miss at any cost.


This beach town is well-liked for its red cliffs. Also, palm trees cover them. Further, the contrast of these cliffs with the sea makes a beautiful landscape. Moreover, this destination is among some cheap destinations in the country. Therefore, this makes it the best choice for solo travelers in India.

Further, the city has many temples. You can explore these. Also, visit the cultural center here for some great performances. And, never miss out on the delicious food here.


This, too, is a great place to visit for solo travel in South India. The beautiful rock-cut temples are worth visiting as well. You can visit Dakshina Chitra. This is a cultural town on the outskirts of the city. You are sure to learn about the folk culture of the Southern Indian states here.

Flight booking from the USA to India is quite simple these days. Thus, make sure to visit the Madras Crocodile Farm, as well. For the delicious food, you can visit the local restaurants here.


This city still has traces of French history. Further, its unique cafes and picturesque beaches make it an excellent place for solo travel India. Further, the weather here is always right. Also, do check out the local eateries and French bakeries here.


You can quickly get round trip flight tickets between Canada and India. Thus, you can visit Kumarakom for your solo travel. This is a village by the backwaters in Kerala. Moreover, it is actually a cluster of islands. Also, this is an ideal place for birdwatchers. You can find many migratory birds here.

Further, do not miss the seafood here, notably different varieties of prawns. Also, you can stay in a local cottage for the best experience in this old-world village.


Traveling solo to this place is a great idea, especially for beach lovers. You can find many affordable options for food and stay here. Further, you can quickly get flights to this city. You just need to know about the best time to avail of travel deals on flights to India.

Also, winter months are ideal for visiting it. You can enjoy the beaches and visit the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. You can shop and socialize at the beach markets, as well.


This is a must-visit place for the largest Tiger reserve in the country is here. Be it cheap flights from Australia to India or those to the USA; they are available easily these days. Thus, you can easily visit and return to your home from here.

Further, this place is well-known for its spices. You can enjoy Elephant rides and ferry rides here. Also, this city is perfect for those who love nature. The local food here is delicious, as well. Also, people here are friendly and welcoming.

So, these are some breathtakingly beautiful South Indian places ideal for solo travel. Also, these are all non-expensive. Thus, you can travel to these even on a tight budget. You can also save more by finding some cheap airline tickets to India.


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