E-Passports to Be Launch Soon in India!


No need to stand at the long queues now to apply for the new passport or reissuing the passport at the Passport Seva Kendra. The government of India is about to launch a centralized ePassport system for the citizens of the country. The embassies of India all over the globe will execute the ePassport services for the Indian public. An announcement has been made by the PM Narendra Modi at the recent Pravasi Bhartiya Divas regarding the introduction of new e-passports for Indian nationals. The IIT Kanpur, Central Passport Organization, and Indian Security Press are together working on the formation & designing of ePassport.

The first ever contactless Indian ePassport was given to the former President Pratibha Patil in 2008. All the necessary information about the passport holder such as signature, date of birth, nationality, facial biometrics, ePassport photo, and name will be mentioned in the chipped passport. At the beginning of 2010, the smart passports were alleged to be provided to the citizens of India, but never happened. The government of India has given authorization for the production of e-passports in 2017, and PM Narendra Modi has made the confirmation about in 2019.

It is anticipated that the paperless passport would make easier for everyone to carry it in the phones by replacing the old paper booklet completely. There is also a speculation that it could be a chip-based card that one can carry in his wallet as well. The other information is yet to be unveiled!

What E-Passport Is All About?

Being a chip passport or biometric passport, all the data of the passport holder would get stored in a chip of the e-passport. It would become easier to identify the legitimacy of the passport holder and the passport. An extra security layer would be there in an Indian ePassport. If someone would try to damage the chip then the system would get a notification, resulting in the failure of passport authentication.

According to the Prime Minister, it helps the government to develop advantageous visa in which, the policy for Person of India & and Overseas Citizen of India ,would be issued in order to make all Indians happy and secure wherever they resides across the world.

The Main Characteristics of an E-Passport:

A contactless passport that would be digitally signed and contains a chip

A small silicon chip with an integrated antenna would be there in the backside of the passport

A memory chip of 64 kilobytes that store information of about 30 visits

Chip, accompanied by a photograph and fingerprints of the passport holder

Best security attributes & printing quality

How to Apply for the E-Passport?

At the start, the e-passports will be provided to legates and Indian government officials in the first stage, and later to the general public.

The process to get the new ePassports will be similar to the original one. A person needs to create a passport India login in order to apply for the application of online passport. Follow all the steps that are mentioned on the website of passport India gov & apply for the new passport.

A person will receive the ePassport email confirmation that will permit him to track India passport more conveniently.

The ePassport status is not known completely but it will become a reality soon in future. So, if you already have a passport & planning a trip to USA, Canada, and Australia, then Airfaregoose is here to serve you the best!


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