Get Incredible Experience with the Craziest Things of India!

India consists of many beautiful places that one should explore. You can discover them in an amazing way to make your trip a memorable one. Not only is this, there are exciting things to do as well. So, indulge yourself and your dear ones in such crazy things by booking flights to India at Airfaregoose.

Here you go-:

Trekking at BorraGuhalu

Trekking at BorraGuhalu would give you an amazing experience. Situated in Anantagiri Hills, this is the deepest cave of India. The length of this cave is about approximately 200 meters. A Shiva Lingam is located inside the cave and a temple is located at the outside of the cave. A person needs to trek inside a deep cave in order to explore this beautiful place. There is an unending water spring that has formed the cave, which has become a very popular tourist attraction.

The Exotic Taste of Street Food in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its best street food in India. Many tourists come here for discovering beautiful things here. The food is mouthwatering and available at reasonable prices. PaniPuri, Dahi Puri, PavBhaji, Kanda Poha, batata vada, Sev, Kanda Poha, and Kanda Poha are all distinctive delicious vegetarian streetfood items of this place. If we talk about non-vegetarian food items, you can get omelette-pav, fish, and chicken-starters on the streets of Mumbai. The variety of street food is the provincial culture of this amazing city.

Hanging Out at Connaught Place

Connaught Place is the largest commercial center of India. This market basically forms a horse-shoe shape along with two circles in it. One can find a wide array of showrooms, restaurants, night-clubs, music outlets & various food outlets here. This is the perfect place to hang out with friends, enjoy the nightlife & chill out. Being the main commercial area of the capital of India, it is a place of pride of New Delhi. It is considered as one of the top heritage structures in New Delhi.

Worship at Lotus Temple

Being in a Lotus flower like shape, this Lotus temple is situated in Delhi. It is a very popular tourist attraction because of its architectural beauty. Considered as the universal symbol of peace, it is open for all the religion of people. One can simply sit inside the temple and do some meditation without any disturbance. Honored with many architectural awards and has been featured in many newspaper and magazines, this temple has become the prominent spot of Delhi.

Sundarban Mangroves

One of the ideal spots for clicking the exquisite photos, it is situated in the delta on the Bay of Bengal. This place serves as the largest mangrove ecosystem all over the world. It is well-known for its Bengal tigers, fishing cat, boars, jungle cat, and deer. One should visit here and explore this beautiful spot on the boat.

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