3 Ravishing Things to Do In Chandigarh, Bengaluru, and Jaipur!!!

Discover new adventures and utilize your time by trying lots of new things in Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru. Places in these cities are popular among history buffs. For the travelers who cannot wait to explore the rich heritage of the country, these places have a lot to offer. Explore the neighborhoods of these historical cities with all ideal activities. Give it a shot and book cheap flight tickets to Chandigarh from any renowned portal!!!

Take a look at these 3 exciting things to do in Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru, which are not only perfect for travelers but also affordable for them:


Leisure Valley

Being a perfect place for those who are seeking for peace, Leisure Valley covers the 6 sectors of Tricity. This valley has several parts that include parks and gardens for both adults and kids such as a topiary Park, Rose garden, Bouganvilla Garden, and a lot more, which cover the patch of 8 Km.  Exploring Leisure Valley is considered as the best option to avoid the daily chaos of city life.

Well-known as the city’s garland, it is one of the ideal tourist attractions. Moreover, this place is used by a large number of people for various activities such as morning and evening walk, running, chit-chatting with friends, and yoga. The three-day grand fiesta ‘Festivals of Gardens’ is held here. After coming here you will definitely like it.

Rose Garden here is one of Asia’s largest gardens in the rest of the valley. It covers an area of approximately ​​27 acres and comprises of more than 17000 plants. One can easily discover 1600 types of roses that include a rare black rose. You can easily avail cheap flight tickets from Adelaide to Chandigarh at minimum prices to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Sukhna Lake

Being an astonishing artificial lake, it is made by dragging the water of the stream. You can find many people who like to walk in the garden to relax. In addition to this, travelers can have spectacular boating experience as they can never have elsewhere. This place is very good to visit with families as well as for groups of friends.

Travelers can avail all the benefits of several amenities that are offered by Sukhna Membership such as Swimming, Indoor games, Outdoor activities, and Gym. Having the longest channel for yachting and rowing sports, this lake has been the spot of the Asian Rowing Championship. Stated as a wetland protected by the Indian government, there is also a sanctuary in this lake where travelers can see many migratory birds such as Storks, and Siberian ducks.


Popular as the retail store brand, 1469 named after the same year in which Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born. Travelers can find all the traditional stuff from clothing to accessories linked with Sikhism in Chandigarh. Therefore, if you are thinking to add some flavors from Chandigarh to upgrade your wardrobe, then it is an important place. It also includes both Western wear and Indo-Western fusion wear. The main aim of this shop is to bring back the urban and unique touch of typical Chandigarh into everything.

Besides clothes, travelers also have the option to buy traditional paintings, souvenirs, and artwork. After entering in this shop, people can’t resist themselves from buying something here. 1469 has its e-store has started dealing with large corporate. It is situated in Bridge Market in Sector 17-D, which is a landmark for shopaholics!


Rangoli Metro Arts Centre

The Center is a one and only cultural activity center for multiple interests. There are three art galleries that are named as Belaku, Vismaya, and Chaya, which exhibit visual artifacts, arts, paintings, photos, sculptures, and artwork. It includes an auditorium “Rangasthala”, where comedy shows, magic shows, and many puppet shows are organized. It also includes the children’s play area that has a beautiful fountain, sports, and structures. There is a demo area used for batik printing and pottery. Nagara Pete offers the opportunity to set up shop for small collectives, artists, cottage industries, and designers. During the festivals, the music performances are hosted at this open space. Grab flights from Brisbane to Bengaluru at cost-effective prices online.

Art exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

It is one of the country’s leading fine arts institutes. It includes various activities such as folk theatre, dance performances, puppet shows, musical concerts, and photography exhibitions. It is a treasure of paintings that are made by popular artists such as Roerich. It has a graphics studio and an open-air theater, and it has five art galleries, which are rented to artists who want to show their work. This includes workshops, artists’ camps, and exhibitions. It also has Chitrakala Vidyalaya that is affiliated to the Bangalore University and offers courses in the art history, sculpture, graphic arts, painting, and applied arts.

The Bangalore Palace

The palace, enclosed by its gardens and cannons, is a piece of majestic gorgeous splendor. Gothic architecture, battlemented parapets, and Fortified towers make this palace grandeur. Some areas of the palace are open to the public except for those wings, where Wadiaars have private residence. The place is acquainted with the rich heritage of the Mysore Kingdom. A lot of cultural exhibitions, performances, and weddings are held in this palace, so if you are fortunate enough, you can see a rocking exhibition!


Chokhi Dhani

Get a Rajasthani cultural experience by visiting Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur. Enjoy the atmosphere of this village resort and get entertained with Rajasthani folk performances, magic shows, puppet shows, elephant rides, camel rides, acrobatics, boating, and more. The best thing to do at Jaipur is to try delicious Rajasthani dishes in the open-air restaurant. It offers an ideal break from the city’s life, where one can enjoy the beauty of nature and rural life. Without worrying about the budget, book cheap flights from Perth to Jaipur online.

Folk Festivals

Join the celebration in Pink City where Gangaur and Teej are celebrated with zest. Dance on the tune of traditional Hindi folk songs and play with colors with your loved ones. Every year the festival is celebrated in Khasa Kothi. There is also a City Tour bus, which takes you across the city for the picturesque views of colorful festivals.

Increase your level of enjoyment in Jaipur by flying kites in Man Sagar Lake and savor the recipes like Til-Ke-Laddu and ‘Dal-ke-Pakodas’ during Kite Festival. Another popular festival, Ganagaur festival is organized here in the month of Chaitra. This festival is a celebration of the meeting of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. On this auspicious day, women decorate their palm and fingers with henna and worship for a happy life after marriage. Look for the best cheap flight tickets from Perth to Jaipur at reliable websites!!!

Tree House Resort

Glamping is one of the famous adventure activities of Pink city. Travelers should try glamping in the Tree House Resort, where there are sophisticated facilities, iron beds, leather chairs, which welcome you wholeheartedly. Moreover, travelers can stay in the “nest” on the Keekar tree, which is named after the birds in the region. They can also enjoy with Jungle Safari, ATV Rides, Camel Ride, Tennis Court, Bird Watching and Outdoor Films.

Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Bengaluru have their own aura and luxurious hospitality, which draws the attention of all its visitors. Enjoy trying new things and visiting all these places this summer and try delicious cuisines of the country in famous restaurants. Don’t wait and book cheap Flight tickets to Chandigarh now!!!

A Visit to India During March

India is a reserve of plenty of delights and surprises, which can bewitch you with its charm and extravagant beautiful land. Travel to places to visit in March in India, where attraction never ceases to amaze tourists. It has a plethora of experiences to offer to people visiting here from all around the globe. This beautiful country houses everything from the seventh wonder of the world the Taj Mahal to palaces and forts of India that mark their way back to hundreds of year ago.

Keeping in mind your travel plans for March, here are some suggestions to make your stay in India an incredible one.

Pink City- Jaipur

A fascinating city that has always attracted tourists with historic forts and palaces, Jaipur will provide you with wonderful travel experience in March by letting you attend celebrations like Gangaur festival starting from 21 March. The celebration includes women praying for the long lives of their husbands, by worshipping Lord Shiva and Gauri.

Other Attractions:

  • The Royal lifestyle of City Palace
  • Astounding Hawa Mahal
  • Bystand bewilderingwalls of Amer Fort
  • For a variety of Camel leather products, visit Bappu Bazaar
  • A traditional glimpse at Chokhi Dhani
  • Wildlife enthusiast can head to Jaipur Zoo

 Yoga Capital of The World- Rishikesh

The glorious attraction for Rishikesh is the Ganges itself. The wonderful trekking experience it offers to its visitors is a complete blend of spirituality and adrenaline rush. You can be a part of the International Tantra Festival if you visit Rishikesh during March. This festival will be held from March 11 to March 17. Travelers from 30 countries around the world travel to Rishikesh to attend this session in Parmarth Niketan Ashram.

Other Attractions:

  • Swinging walk on Laksham Jhula andRam Jhula.
  • Hot water spring of Rishi Kund
  • Spiritualize yourself by witnessing evening Aarti at Triveni Ghat.
  • Visit Geeta Bhavan, famous for providing free shelter
  • Other tourist attractions include Lakshaman Temple,Raghunath Temple, Shree Bharat Mandir etc.

Land of Temples and Beaches– Chennai

The capital city of Tami Nadu, Chennai is famous for its passion for music. Temples in Chennai wonderfully portray glorious artwork in Dravidian architectural style. Other than visiting Temples, Churches, and Beaches, Chennai will give you an opportunity to be part of Go Madras festival. You will find yourself among music lovers. The 2019 Go Madras Festival will be from March 2 to March 4.

Other attractions:

  • Marina Beach, Covelong Beach,Elliot’s Beach will soothe you.
  • Visit the oldest temple ofChennai Parthasarathy Temple
  • Experience architectural magnificence of mosque
  • San Thomas Church will take you back to San Throne Church

Bollywood Town -Mumbai

You should stick around your plan of visiting Mumbai in March. Your undefined food love will find a wonderful destination. The Bhukkad Flea along with Earth Angels Welfare will provide you with 100+ dishes to trigger your taste buds. 20+ trucks will participate in this two-day Food Truck Festival on 16th and 17th March.

Other Attractions:

  • Descending waterfalls at the Pandavkada Falls.
  • A popular Trekking destination, Belapur Fort
  • Witness Greek and Royal Park visit Utsav Chawk
  • ISKCON Temple, Nerul Balaji Temple, and Bawkhaleshwar Temple for your spiritual insight.
  • UNESCO certifiedworld heritage site, The Elephanta Caves.

These places would be ideal sites to enjoy the beauty of cultural diversity of India. With affordable flights to India you can savor its natural beauty at relatively lower prizes.

Colour Coded Indian Cities That One Must See!

Renowned the name of a colorful country, India is full-fledged with the cities that are known by its color names. Each city has its own interesting story behind their names. Wondering about the mystery of color coded Indian cities? Let’s solve this color mystery through the blog of Airfaregoose!!!

Thiruvananthapuram, the Evergreen City

Kerala is full of green cities, but Thiruvananthapuram is the evergreen city amongst all the cities. The city is crowned by Mahatma Gandhi due to its lavish green venues and its everlasting distinctive features. Situated between the western ghats and shores of the Arabian Sea, the city is green till the end. The city is extremely popular for its technological institutions as well such as Indian Space Research Organization, Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology and many more others.

Jaipur, the Pink City

Earned the name of Pink City, Jaipur is the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. The place has a very interesting story behind it. In 1876,  Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh has passed the order of painting Jaipur in terracotta pink in order to welcome the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. After that, it was declared as a law which states that the houses and the buildings of the city would be colored in Pink!

Jaisalmer, the Golden City

Being a city full-fledged with its traditional charm, Jaisalmer is well-known for its beautiful phenomenon. When the sunrays fall on the amazing Thar Desert, it looks like in brown, yellow or golden color which is extremely fascinating. The city has given the sobriquet of Brown City, Golden City or Yellow City, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world!

Jodhpur, the Blue City

Jodhpur, worldwide famous for its majestic fort which is also the highest point of the town. The city can easily stun everyone with a series of blue-hued houses and its architecture gives lifetime experience to all the travelers. It looks extremely fascinating and mesmerizes its visitors with the sea of houses that are covered in blue hues, followed by the Brahmins as the trend to make this place idiosyncratic. All the residents of the city have continued this practice, making it well-known as Blue City!

Udaipur, the White City

Considered as a home of multitudinous alluring lakes and captivating marble architecture, Udaipur is known as White City. The place also named as the “City of Lakes” and “Venice of the East” because of its myriad enticing lakes. The city is a hub to numerous palaces that brings lots of tourists and passengers across the globe. The place has both natural as well as historical importance in the eyes of the visitors!

Please yourself with the fascinating beauty of above mentioned colored Indian cities by booking flights to India from USA by visiting our website.

Iconic Sunrise Points to Discover in India!

India, the land of awe-inspiring natural beauty, is blessed with blissful sunrise destinations that are incomparable and create priceless beautiful memories. Watching sunrise and sunset is simply magical. All those spots comprising of alluring hills, eminent mountains, mesmerizing beaches, and fascinating riverside drives,  give you the magnificent beginning & end of a day. Discover the extreme beauty and be a witness of amazing sunrise points in India via Airfaregoose!

Take a look at these sunrise spots in India that would win your heart for sure!

Umiam Lake, Meghalaya

Umiam Lake, Meghalaya

Considered as the most glorious tourist destination, Umiam Lake is located in the Northeast of India. Its enticing beauty makes all the visitors feel like being in a paradise. In order to enjoy the beauty of sunrise at this beautiful sunrise point, you can travel in the wee hours of the morning. When the sun rises and the beautiful sun rays brighten up the water of the lake, at that time, you will witness this bright world through a mesmerizing view!

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kovalam Beach,Kerala

Worldwide famous as the “God’s own country,” Kovalam Beach is located in Kerala. The captivating land of this beach, the bright blue water of the Arabian Sea, and watching the sun rising from would be something that everyone has dreamed of. It gives you such a soulful experience that it makes you forget everything for a moment!

Nubra Valley, Jammu and Kashmir

Nubra Valley, Jammu and Kashmir

Nubra Valley, located in Jammu and Kashmir, has attracted many tourists from different corners of the world. Most of the passengers who have discovered the beauty of this place have called this place “heavenly” because of the peace and positive vibes they get here. When the sun rises at this most prominent sunrise point, it looks like a precious dream!

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Being the tip of peninsular Southern India, Kanyakumari is situated in Tamil Nadu. Just imagine what a magical moment it would be in watching a sunrise from there. The place is also known as the meeting point of the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean. It is such a beautiful sunrise point that leaves you stun when you watch the rising rays in real!

Tiger Hill, West Bengal

Tiger Hill, West Bengal

Being one of the beautiful sunrise points, Tiger Hill is situated in Darjeeling in West Bengal. Discover Darjeeling through trekking! It also provides you peerless picturesque of the great Mount Everest and royal Mount Kanchenjunga!

Enlisted above are all the beautiful sunrise destinations of India. Book flights from USA to India at minimal prices at Airfaregoose and create divine moments throughout the journey!

Summer Travel in February: Exotic Things to do in India!

Winters are about to end & summers are about to begin! The February has a neutral temperature & one can still enjoy the charm of winter. In a season of love, explore earthly paradise with your beloved by doing exquisite activities in India! Be romantic and enjoy the pleasant weather of pre-Feb month by booking last minute flights to India online!

Here is the list of things that people should do in India during February!

Valentine’s Day in Pondicherry

last minute flights to India

Being an exotic destination for lovebirds, a vacation plan for Pondicherry would be romantic due to its sun-kissed beaches and amiable atmosphere. Spend some quality and enhance romanticism with your beloved at alluring beaches, French colonial building, and special local events. This is the perfect place for the celebrations of the lovable day. Many restaurants offer exotic cuisine with candlelit dinner style. Enjoy the romantic evening here!

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

last minute flights to India

Get ready to experience a once-in-lifetime vacation in Jaisalmer by exploring the desert festival here! This is a cultural extravaganza that is full-fledged with several activities such as mustache exhibitions, puppet shows, camel rides, turban tying competition, exhibitions for handicrafts, rare masterpieces, dance, and song parties. Also, don’t forget to visit Jaisalmer fort & to have cool desert dinner on sand dunes with your special ones here. This famous festival lasts for three days where many artists show their folk song events and dance performances!

Musical Week: World Sacred Spirit Festival

last minute flights to India

Get yourself lost in the inspirational, historical, and musical journey by exploring the World Sacred Spirit Festival in Rajasthan. Being a prominent music & dance festival, all the famous artists from all over the world gather here. The festival lasts for six days in Jodhpur and Nagaur. Amjad Ali Khan, Daud Khan Sadozai, Driss El Maloumi, Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan, Sheikh Yasîn al-Tuhâmi, and Madan Gopal Singhji are the leading people of the festival who will perform this year!

Khajuraho Dance Festival

last minute flights to India

Well-known for its ancient culture, Khajuraho is worldwide famous for its dance festival that is held in Khajuraho group of temples. The festival represents all forms of dance & live performances from various artists all over the country. If you are a dance lover and fond of classic art then it is especially for you. The elegant gestures of the artists through expressive dance amaze the audience.

Surf Festival

last minute flights to India

Be adventurous & celebrate the Surf festival conducted in Orissa. This festival held for three days on the Ramchandi Beach in Orissa. This is the only surfing festival in India. Being an extraordinary festival, it is full-fledged with live music festivals, live painting events, projection mapping, yoga on water, and many others. It is a paradise for those who enjoy photography. The paddle championship of the country is organized here!

Be a living soul and discover the cultural programs and festivals that are being celebrated in India. February is the perfect month to explore the natural beauty and enticing weather. Spend some time together by doing all the things that are enlisted with family and friends! Book your cheap flights to India via Airfaregoose now!

UDAN makes Air Travel to India More Affordable

UDAN, the regional connectivity scheme launched by the Indian Government is delivering great news related to the tourism industry. The initiative began in 2017 with the main objective; to make traveling budget-friendly by air to the famous tourist places in India. This is the broad aspect of the initiative as the primary part is to renovate the existing airports & make them more convenient for passengers. While the second part focuses on opening budget routes to the 100 unserved and underserved airports that are located in smaller regions of the country. From all these places, the name of utmost tourist destinations are Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand, Hampi in Karnataka, and Gangtok in Sikkim.

Furthermore, the tourism industry believes UDAN is very beneficent that make traveling to regional places simple that are reachable through long journeys by rail or road. It is said that TruJet, which is a regional airline, has direct flights from Bangalore & Hyderabad to Ballari, and is located near to Hampi. Recently, mentioned in the list of ‘52 places to go in 2019’ by The New York Times, reaching Hampi by air has been a project. But, as the underserved Vidyanagar airport near Ballari being approachable, the UNESCO World Heritage Site now stands 25 miles away.

There is an observable growth in the number of passengers that are taking the Bengaluru-Vidyanagar-Bengaluru route for years. Nevertheless, there is a slender possibility of all the passengers not visiting the heritage site but there unquestionably is an increment in the footfall.

In addition to that, the route from Pakyong that connects Sikkim with more convenience was also started. In order to support it, SpiceJet began flights on the same route. The route is absolutely better than the preceding ones where travelers had to fly into Bagdogra to reach Gangtok. SpiceJet airline also operates daily flights on the Kolkata-Pakyong-Kolkata route. Around 4790 travelers boarded the UDAN flights in October and November.

Other tourist destinations covered by the UDAN scheme are Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, where the services began in April 2017. Air India’s subsidiary, Alliance Air operates flights on the Delhi-Shimla-Delhi route and has observed a footfall of more than 14,041 travelers.

And, the list continues further as the scheme also taken over Pithoragarh and Pantnagar in Uttarakhand. After that, a rapid increase has been seen in the number of passengers to 2, 43,688 and 1, 40,794 severally. Moreover, the Dehradun-Pantnagar route begins by Alliance Air while Pithoragarh is chained to Dehradun and Pantnagar by Heritage Aviation, a helicopter operator.

Also, the UDAN Air Travel scheme will make touring to 60 new destinations in India inexpensive similar to the Bikaner–Jaisalmer–Jodhpur–Udaipur & the Ahmedabad-Bhuj-Porbandar-Rajkot. The major objective is that the Civil Aviation Ministry wants to see a rapid change in the percentage of passengers in India. It will lead to an increase in job opportunities, bring forward financial growth, and will help in accompaniment the infrastructure of air transport. Thus, it contributes a lot to tourism in India that encourages online flight booking portals such as Airfaregoose to provide travelers with a unique experience!

E-Passports to Be Launch Soon in India!

No need to stand at the long queues now to apply for the new passport or reissuing the passport at the Passport Seva Kendra. The government of India is about to launch a centralized ePassport system for the citizens of the country. The embassies of India all over the globe will execute the ePassport services for the Indian public. An announcement has been made by the PM Narendra Modi at the recent Pravasi Bhartiya Divas regarding the introduction of new e-passports for Indian nationals. The IIT Kanpur, Central Passport Organization, and Indian Security Press are together working on the formation & designing of ePassport.

The first ever contactless Indian ePassport was given to the former President Pratibha Patil in 2008. All the necessary information about the passport holder such as signature, date of birth, nationality, facial biometrics, ePassport photo, and name will be mentioned in the chipped passport. At the beginning of 2010, the smart passports were alleged to be provided to the citizens of India, but never happened. The government of India has given authorization for the production of e-passports in 2017, and PM Narendra Modi has made the confirmation about in 2019.

It is anticipated that the paperless passport would make easier for everyone to carry it in the phones by replacing the old paper booklet completely. There is also a speculation that it could be a chip-based card that one can carry in his wallet as well. The other information is yet to be unveiled!

What E-Passport Is All About?

Being a chip passport or biometric passport, all the data of the passport holder would get stored in a chip of the e-passport. It would become easier to identify the legitimacy of the passport holder and the passport. An extra security layer would be there in an Indian ePassport. If someone would try to damage the chip then the system would get a notification, resulting in the failure of passport authentication.

According to the Prime Minister, it helps the government to develop advantageous visa in which, the policy for Person of India & and Overseas Citizen of India ,would be issued in order to make all Indians happy and secure wherever they resides across the world.

The Main Characteristics of an E-Passport:

A contactless passport that would be digitally signed and contains a chip

A small silicon chip with an integrated antenna would be there in the backside of the passport

A memory chip of 64 kilobytes that store information of about 30 visits

Chip, accompanied by a photograph and fingerprints of the passport holder

Best security attributes & printing quality

How to Apply for the E-Passport?

At the start, the e-passports will be provided to legates and Indian government officials in the first stage, and later to the general public.

The process to get the new ePassports will be similar to the original one. A person needs to create a passport India login in order to apply for the application of online passport. Follow all the steps that are mentioned on the website of passport India gov & apply for the new passport.

A person will receive the ePassport email confirmation that will permit him to track India passport more conveniently.

The ePassport status is not known completely but it will become a reality soon in future. So, if you already have a passport & planning a trip to USA, Canada, and Australia, then Airfaregoose is here to serve you the best!

Get Incredible Experience with the Craziest Things of India!

India consists of many beautiful places that one should explore. You can discover them in an amazing way to make your trip a memorable one. Not only is this, there are exciting things to do as well. So, indulge yourself and your dear ones in such crazy things by booking flights to India at Airfaregoose.

Here you go-:

Trekking at BorraGuhalu

Trekking at BorraGuhalu would give you an amazing experience. Situated in Anantagiri Hills, this is the deepest cave of India. The length of this cave is about approximately 200 meters. A Shiva Lingam is located inside the cave and a temple is located at the outside of the cave. A person needs to trek inside a deep cave in order to explore this beautiful place. There is an unending water spring that has formed the cave, which has become a very popular tourist attraction.

The Exotic Taste of Street Food in Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its best street food in India. Many tourists come here for discovering beautiful things here. The food is mouthwatering and available at reasonable prices. PaniPuri, Dahi Puri, PavBhaji, Kanda Poha, batata vada, Sev, Kanda Poha, and Kanda Poha are all distinctive delicious vegetarian streetfood items of this place. If we talk about non-vegetarian food items, you can get omelette-pav, fish, and chicken-starters on the streets of Mumbai. The variety of street food is the provincial culture of this amazing city.

Hanging Out at Connaught Place

Connaught Place is the largest commercial center of India. This market basically forms a horse-shoe shape along with two circles in it. One can find a wide array of showrooms, restaurants, night-clubs, music outlets & various food outlets here. This is the perfect place to hang out with friends, enjoy the nightlife & chill out. Being the main commercial area of the capital of India, it is a place of pride of New Delhi. It is considered as one of the top heritage structures in New Delhi.

Worship at Lotus Temple

Being in a Lotus flower like shape, this Lotus temple is situated in Delhi. It is a very popular tourist attraction because of its architectural beauty. Considered as the universal symbol of peace, it is open for all the religion of people. One can simply sit inside the temple and do some meditation without any disturbance. Honored with many architectural awards and has been featured in many newspaper and magazines, this temple has become the prominent spot of Delhi.

Sundarban Mangroves

One of the ideal spots for clicking the exquisite photos, it is situated in the delta on the Bay of Bengal. This place serves as the largest mangrove ecosystem all over the world. It is well-known for its Bengal tigers, fishing cat, boars, jungle cat, and deer. One should visit here and explore this beautiful spot on the boat.

Do these craziest things by booking flights to India with the help of Airfaregoose. There are so many destinations in India that offer you many amazing things to do, for an unforgettable traveling experience!