Travel India in Thrilling 10 Different Ways!!!

Being extremely popular for its various natural landscapes, cultures, and food, India is a country that amazes its travelers. Undoubtedly, when exposed to the vast array of travel destinations, making a selection for a suitable place is the most difficult task. From beaches to hill stations, religious sites to historical monuments, India has everything for its visitors. A land where guests are considered to be Gods, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ the journey of India is an amazing experience itself. The people here, explain the meaning of ‘care and sharing’ and are wholehearted welcoming, helpful, friendly and kind. Book last minute flights to India from any renowned portal now!!!

An ideal destination for tourists that will win their hearts, India would please its guests to the fullest. The beautiful golden deserts, snow-covered mountains, calm backwaters, wildlife destinations, serene beaches, pilgrimage sites, historical monuments, royal palaces, and medieval castles, everything is stunning.

Well-known for Its centuries-old traditions, ‘Ayurveda’ and old practices of yoga and meditation all over the globe, there is also a modern side in India, which travelers can explore according to their preferences.

Have a look at all 10 different ways that would serve you the best in India!!!

As a Mountaineer

The regions of Indian Himalayan have attracted courageous people around the world. By following the footsteps of legends and mountaineers, amateurs can climb mountains and summits by using their skills and techniques. The peak climbing is the best option of being adventurous while exploring Indian Tourism. Several leading peak trips in Ladakh are Stok Kangri, Lungsar Kangri, and Kang Yatse and in Himachal Pradesh are Friendship peak, Mt. Deo Tibba, and Mt. Ladakhi; and in Garhwal are Pangarchula Peak, Rudragaira Peak, and Black peak. From the 21st century climbers, many enthusiasts from USA to India have been persuaded to climb peaks.

As a Hiker

India has something amazing to offer to those who can’t imagine themselves as crazy climbers and trekkers but still, they want to enjoy it. Hiking in the Western Ghats and the Himalayan regions of India would give you some adventures and a chance to enjoy nature completely. There are some of the best easy treks in the Indian Himalayan region, which are continuing for 3-4 days, such as Beas Kund trek and Bhrigu Lake Trek of Himachal Pradesh, and Rhododendron Trek in Sikkim, Chopta Valley trek and Deodital trek in Uttarakhand. In case of Western Ghats, some of the best picks are Mathikettan Shola Rain Forest Trek and Anamudi Peak Trek. Apart from this, hiking can also be done in a few hours and there are many opportunities to find such happiness in India. Therefore, book USA to India flights online!!!

As a Rafter

Looking forward to get an experience of exciting voyage? One should go for water rafting in Rishikesh, which is the ultimate fun. There are multiple options available for trying other adventurous activities. However, River Rafting in Manali and Zanskar offers a chance to seek pleasure to all travelers. In addition to it, those who want to try small rafting stretches can explore it in Kali River Rafting, which is the perfect pick in Karnataka. Travelers can also experience kayaking and canoeing in Zanskar, Manali, and Rishikesh.

As a Wildlife Enthusiast

The landscape of India extends a huge biosphere, which is a hub to many species of birds, plants, and animals. All the wildlife lovers who are wishing to discover Indian wildlife have the chance to see Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, Bandipur National Park in Karnataka, Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan, Kaziranga National Park in Assam, and Gir National Park in Gujarat. Travelers can also explore other alpine wildlife trails in the Snow Leopard Trek, Khankchendazonga National Park in Sikkim and Nanda Devi Biosphere area in Uttarakhand. There are many flights to India from USA available online!!!

As a Botanist

Discover different types of spice gardens in different colors of Indian Himalayan region, tea gardens of Nilgiri and Darjeeling, and coffee plantations of Western Ghats. There is a most popular Valley of Flowers, located in the Garhwal Himalayan region and is beautified with more than 500 species of flowers, is definitely a heaven for botanists. Apart from this, in the Sham Valley trek of Ladakh, one can witness the beauty of rare apricot flowers. Moreover, one can also discover the huge ecosphere of Sikkim in Rhododendron trek. Connor, Munnar, Coorg, Ooty, and Wayanad are some of the best places for botanists.

As a Cultural Enthusiast

The national festivals such as Durga Pooja, Baisakhi, Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Eid, the regional festivals like Ambubachi Mela in Assam, Jaisalmer Desert Festival, Hornbill Festival in Nagaland, Onam in Kerala, and Khajuraho Dance Festival, Ambubachi Mela in Assam show a rich culture. Travelers can easily enjoy various dance performances, music and various art forms as cultural enthusiast here. Grab cheapest flights from USA to India and spend a wonderful time!!!

As a Heritage Enthusiast

Holding a strong history, India consists of many monuments, palaces, temples, and forts, which exhibit prominent historical diorama. Apart from this, passengers from different corners of the world come here in order to explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites of India such as the Ajanta and Ellora in Maharashtra, Khajuraho Temple complex in Madhya Pradesh, Taj Mahal in Agra, Qutub Minar in New Delhi, Hampi and Badami in Karnataka, and Konark Sun Temple in Orissa. As a heritage enthusiast, travelers can drive through unexplained heritage sites in India, which includes Unakoti Hills in Tripura, Damkaur in Ladakh, and Trikota Temple of Bishnupur in West Bengal.

As a Trekker

The Indian regions of Himalayas can offer you eternal trailing tracks and that too in the middle of the Celestial World. As a Trekker, one can witness the vibrant colors residing in the regions of Indian Himalayas such as its villages, traditions, and tranquility. Besides this, nature itself is the house for many species of birds, plants, and animals that would certainly enchant you. The most-famous treks of Indian Himalayas are Green Lake trek in Sikkim, Valley of Flowers Trek in Garhwal, Trans Zanskar trek in Ladakh, Kalindikhal Pass, and Tand Pin Parvati Pass trek. One can avail all benefits on flights to India from reputed portal!

As a Rider

This is a different way of finding India now. Travelers, who love to propel the paddles, go for mountain biking and cycling in Ladakh and under some high heights of mountains. Apart from this, the adventurous ride of about 470 km from Manali to Leh and from Srinagar to Leh, which is approximately 420 kilometers, are the best choices for experienced riders. Moreover, those travelers who are not really into paddling but still want to try, they can go for easy mountain biking and cycling in Arekere in Karnataka, Manali, Kadach in Gujarat, and Madh in Maharashtra.

As a Spelunker

To find the world under the feet, one should dig deep into the mysterious mountains of Meghalaya. Garo, Jaintia hills, and Khasi Garo natural caves provide opportunities to explore the adventures of spelunking caving in India.

India is vast and gives opportunities to its travelers to experience the diversity in the terrain, culture, local styles, the language, and regions, which make it a diverse, dynamic and vibrant country. Book last minute flights to India and discover like a free bird here!!!

Indian Waters to Surf on this Summer

Did you know that an ancient Hawaiian sport that was introduced to Australia in 1915, by a swimmer from Hawaii, named Duke Kahanamoku? It is what came to be known as surfing. Fast forward to today, and it is amongst the most loved sport in Australia. The country also provides for essential surfing locations. However, did you know that the 7000 km long coastline of the Indian peninsula presents some of the most interesting surfing locations? So, grab your favourite surfboards and fly to the Indian destinations that are a must for an unforgettable surfing experience. Get access to exciting travel offers like lowest-priced flight tickets to India, by surfing the web, now!  !

Recently, there has been an increase in the amount of Australian tourist traffic in India. On the other hand, the Australian tourism industry is dominated by Indian tourists. India has emerged as the largest tourism market for Australia. As a result, there have been various agreements between both the nations to promote bilateral trade and tourism.

Listed below are top Indian locations that will make you want to surf forever:

Ten Thousand Peaks, Maravanthe

Maravanthe in the state of Karnataka is a picturesque setting for rejuvenating surf in the waters of Arabian Sea. The beach named ‘Ten Thousand Peaks’ that symbolizes the shape of the waves that resemble the mountain peaks. No wonder, it is particularly famous amongst all kinds of surfers, be it a beginner or an expert. Dawn and Dusk offer the perfect time to glide over the waves. The beach stretched for 6 kilometers. There is an area of the beach where the water body is bordered by a highway. There is also a famous surf school nearby called the ‘Shaka Surf Club.’

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

Kovalam is perhaps Kerala’s most prominent beaches, and has a nationwide reputation for favourable surfing conditions. It was the venue for the first ever Indian surf contest. It takes about 20 minutes from Trivandrum by car, to reach the beach. The environment of the location is more suited for experts. The rocky bed makes it not very ideal for rookies. The high waves provide with the much required adrenaline, and a good challenge to master your surfing skills. At kovalam, you can surf with the local surf group called the Kovalam Surfer’s Club.

Shiva statue, Murudeshwar

How about surf in the waters with a backdrop of Lords Shiva’s statue. The structure is especially famous for being the second tallest statue of Shiva in the world. There’s no doubt surfing here is nothing less than a divine experience. Surf photography can be a great experience at Shivas, Murudeshwar. You will always find some adventure activity or the other happening all around this magnificent location. Another factor that gives an edge to this place over the others in the area is the sheltered bays, because of which ideal surfing conditions can be maintained even during onshore winds. The waves here reach as high as 10 feet. Make reservations online to avail deals on Australia to India flights and on other locations.

Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram

Shore temple in Mahabalipuram is a must-visit for surfers. The rocks in the area provide with useful breaks that helps in inducing great waves. These rocks, more precisely granite boulders were scattered by the World Heritage Foundation around the Temple dedicated to the Hindu God, Vishnu. This was done in order to keep the temple for being damaged by the massive waves. This proved to be an extremely useful event in shaping the surfing experience at this place.

Paradip, Odisha

Paradip in the state of Odisha is home to one of the longest swell in the whole country. The waves here can travel for a length of up to a kilometer. Therefore, it is better suited for the experienced surfers. For amateurs, there is an option nearby. It is called ‘Jagannath Puri’ as the waves here are calmer. Another interesting sight that can be experienced at Paradip is a bunch of Yogis (Saints proficient in the practice of Yoga) surfing.

Ramchandi Beach, Odisha

Ramachandi beach in Odisha is home to the most happening place for surfers. The festivals and contest hosted here comprises of engaging activities like Yoga on water, art, music and of course, some serious surfing. Just like the Shiva’s Statue, this destination offers amazing frames for surf photography. You can even enrol yourself in a photography competition. The festival takes place annually in the month of February. Surf enthusiasts and surf lovers flock the beach during the interesting festival.

Gokarna, Karnataka

Surf in solace amidst the untouched beauty and unexplored landscape of Gokarna which is situated in the state of Karnataka. It is the go-to place for a serene surf vacation. This destination supports more a relaxed vibe. It is not much crowded and is exceptionally clean. The background is of the captivating Sahyadri Mountains, and the waves you ride are ideal for a thrilling adventure. Be mindful to book tickets online for best offers on flights from Sydney to Delhi and others, preferably on AirfareGoose.

Manapad Point, Tamil Nadu

Waves at Manpad Point are favourable for surfing throughout the year, however, during monsoons the waves may turn a little savage. The terrain is a result of solidification of multiple layers of lava as a result of cooling down over a span of hundreds of years. It is a treasure in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

Mahe, Kerala

Mahe has been a place that is popular for surfing since the 1970s. It is located in the state of Kerala. There are several spots scattered from the north of Mahe, all the way to the Talakkolattur River mouth. It serves a spectacular surfing experience. Several jetties and piers provide for protection against the stormy conditions. This place is a hidden gem, therefore you may come across some difficulties while located it via Global Positioning System. Therefore, resort to the traditional way and ask locals for directions.

Mulki, Mangalore

Mulki is a town in Mangalore that is commonly known as the surf town of India. The waves here fulfil the requirements of both beginners as well as professionals. Devoid of strange and scary sea creatures, as well as rocks and corals, Mulki delivers a smooth surfing experience. The best time of the day to surf here would be morning as the sun is not too intense, the waves are on-point, and there’s no wind. It is also amongst the cleanest beaches in the country. Local organizations like surf schools organize beach cleaning programs regularly. It is advised to not visit the place during monsoons.

India is surrounded by three main water bodies, namely the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal. Off the Southern tip of the Indian peninsula there are uninterrupted waters for miles right till the continent of Antarctica. So, for an unconventional and a complete surfing experience book your flight tickets to India, right away for best travel deals from destinations across the globe.

India’s Summer Travel: 7 North East Places That One Should Explore!!!

India’s northeast wing is known as a famous tourist destination where all those people who are admirers of nature find peace and tranquility, here. Destinations such as Mizoram, Meghalaya, Gangtok, and Sikkim are such places that rejuvenate everyone’s personality and make them feel relaxed. Discover all these North East destinations for a spectacular summer tour by booking last minute flights to India online!!!

There are many tourist sites in India, which are considered as “Paradise on Earth”. If we talk about the north-eastern region of India, it is embraced by nature. Here, natural beauty is always at its highest glory. What else would someone wish for its vacation or trip adventure? Is this a great natural beauty, boat rides in a lake, the sightseeing view of green hills that deliver lots of peace, fun, and romance? Whatever the case, in North-East India, everything would provide you the purpose of your journey.

Praised for its natural heaven, the North-Eastern India is considered as a dream destination for close and far travelers. There are several best places in the north-east, where tourists can venture for a family holiday. Although the North East is considered as a paradise for adventurers, but some of its destinations are perfect for a fun family holiday as well.

Therefore, enjoy the beauty of these undiscovered spots that are far away from India’s noisy and polluted places. Let’s begin the mesmerizing journey with Mizoram.


The geographical boundaries of Mizoram are shared with three states that are Manipur, Tripura, and Assam. Mizoram is India’s second least populous state and it comprises of 90% of its geographical area as forest. One would get impressed easily after seeing the charm of its several waterfalls, rolling hills, wildlife sanctuaries, and lakes, completely. Apart from being beautiful, here, people are also very courteous and friendly. This is a delight for all travelers who love to be a part of the attractive and captivating phase of nature.


Being the capital city of Mizoram, there is a sanctuary of natural beauty at its nearest spots. It is considered as one of those places where nature has made its beauty more fascinating. Some popular places where one should visit in Aizawl are Solomon’s temple, Durtlang Hills, Mizoram State Museum, Tamdil Lake, Infinity Ainawn Park, and many more. Apart from all these places, Phawungpui peak, the Khwanglung Wildlife Sanctuary, and Van Twang Falls are the places where one would get relaxation and peace.

Arunachal Pradesh

Most of India’s Northeast regions share their borders with international geographical divisions such as Myanmar, Bhutan, and separate India from China through Mac Mohan Line. The place is extremely enchanting that travelers would easily forget all their tensions and can’t take their eyes off from its scenic views, monasteries, hills, and attractive flower species. Apart from this, this place is full-fledged with archeological sites such as forts and monuments for all its visitors. The picturesque beauty of the destination, Indo-Chinese dishes, Yak’s milk and dairy products, a variety of Momos and healthy drinks will all be an exciting experience for its travelers. For the visit to this Dreamland, one can go to Bhalukpong, Twang, Along (Alao), Dirang, Bomdila, and Ziro. Moreover, Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh, is always ready to welcome its visitors from all over the world. For an amazing experience, book flights from USA to India online from our portal!!!


Now, let’s move towards the capital of Gangtok, which is the most beautiful state of Northeastern India. It is considered as a heaven for its travelers. Stepping forward towards its direction, tourists can see natural elegance that starts with Gangtok’s roads. The hills, and lakes, the clouds above the mountains, the verdant landscapes are more than enough to make anyone fall in love with this city. It is a most romantic destination for all the loving couples to roam in the summers. It comprises of sightseeing views, Gangtok is the place that makes all the travelers stay for a longer period of time. Also, Yuksom, Tsomgo Lake, and Pelling are the most attractive places of interest in Sikkim. What’s more? the foothills of Himalayas are located in this state!!!


Considered as India’s third smallest state, Tripura is equipped with all the attractive scenes that can provide the best of nature. From sanctuary to the fort, small market to a food paradise, one can find everything in Tripura. Its capital city, Agartala is flourishing in the arms of modern nature, flowers, and hills. The beauty of Tripura is such that it makes its visitors accept it as a world of delusions. The city consists of several beautiful places where travelers should head to. Therefore, travelers should go to the city and enjoy the world’s natural essence. There are many such places to explore such as Matabari Tripura Sundari, Dumboor, Neer-Mahal, Rudra Sagar Lake, Dumboor, Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary, Rowa wildlife Sanctuary, and Nehru Park. Also, there are many temples and lakes that give a peaceful environment to all its visitors. One would get a chance to experience internal peace and comfort that is far away from a hustling–bustling life.


Well-known as the “residence of the clouds”, Meghalaya is the perfect destination to visit in summer. The city consists of mountains, caves, flowers, waterfalls, lakes, forests, and many more. It makes it a perfect romantic trip for all the love birds. Tourists can find several places that include its capital, Shillong. If someone is planning to go on a family summer vacation, then this destination would be an ideal choice. The Air Force Museum and the butterfly museum would be a great delight for children while exploring this city. Mountains, parks, and waterfalls would surely amaze its visitors and leave them in a state of enjoyment. Now, one can easily get flights to India from USA online at relevant prices for a wonderful traveling experience!!


Considered as the land of festivals, Nagaland is considered as the eco-tourism destination. In the last few years, the state has made so many improvements in its major tourist attractions. Now, the state is seeing a tremendous increase in the number of tourists in Kohima. Travelers would get a chance to explore the cultural diversity of India on this colorful land. Their different types of jewelry, dresses, and cheerful lifestyle are really worth the experience. There is no doubt that Kohima is the economic and commercial center of Nagaland. Being the state’s capital, its natural essence is intact. This is an incredible and charming city. Here you can visit Naga Bazars, zoos, two cemetery memorials, hill peaks, and beautiful valleys that fascinate the visitors with their charm!!!

This summer, enjoy these beautiful northeastern places with your near and dear ones during this vacation. Avail benefits like economical last minute flights to India at any renowned portal. Venture to the exotic places in Indian corners and enjoy the cultural diversity, food and cuisines at these places that would nourish the entire trip with beautiful memories that last forever!!!