Customer Service Provided by Etihad Airline

All airlines have specific policies for their customers. These policies might be linked with airfares, refunds, cancellation, etc. Whereas you might not be able to get the clarity of the policies through the online platform, there are customer services that offer you reliable assistance whenever you need them.

Etihad is one of the popular airline service providers in the world have certain policies regarding their services. You can easily take these to your advantage and make the best of your International flight tickets to India.

Etihad Airlines Services

In the case of Delay and Cancellation of Flights

Etihad Airlines tries to provide all the services to their passengers on time and that too with utmost quality. But, due to some weather-related issues and air traffic control factors, the flights might get delayed, canceled or diverted.

You will be provided by the exact status of the flight that will include the change in timings and the diversion in the route if any.

You will get the information in the following possible ways:

The information will be displayed in the boarding gate area of the concerned flight.

The information might be present on the departure side of the display screens.

You can check the status at etihad.comor even through the mobile app.

Call centers can also give you the desired information.

Also, if there is any diversion in the route, you will get the information of the same through the crew members, including the reason for the diversion.

Email or SMS alerts will also provide you the desired information.

Baggage Delivery

The airlines keep a close check for maintaining the security of your baggage. The baggage is delivered to the passengers on time after the flight’s arrival. But, there might be chances that the luggage does not reach you on time. You can meet the concerned representative and file a report for the same.

It will take 24 hrs for you to receive your baggage after the efforts put in by the team. It might take some time, longer than expected in some exceptional circumstances.

You will be contacted on a regular basis to inform you about the status of the search in case the baggage is not located at the time of arrival. Also, you are eligible for reimbursement from Etihad end in case you are not in your native nation.

You will receive compensation for producing the receipts to the Etihad Airways.

Guests with Special Needs

Etihad provides exceptional services to people with special needs. The services delivered are full of warmth and affection. They have accessible lavatories and moveable armrests in many seats. It also has onboard wheelchairs to provide assistance to the guests with mobility issues.

During any tarmac delay, the airline crew will make every possible effort to accommodate passengers with special needs. Also, the guests with special needs can get a copy of 14 CFR Part 382 in the accessible format from the US Department of Transportation.

Refund Policy

The passengers can claim a full refund of the ticket purchased in case of any emergency. You can cancel the bookings within 24 hrs of purchase without paying any extra cancellation charges.

There are a few points that you should consider before making any cancellation:

Your date of issue of the airline flight ticket should be no more than five years.

One should make the bookings from a single credit card.

You will not be able to reverse the change made by the cancellation, so do the changes wisely.

Your bank can charge you some extra charges upon cancellation, so you need to be prepared for the same.

The procedure of the refund will be similar to the mode of payment.

Changes and their types

Various changes can be made in the tickets as per the rules, some of them are:

Change in Name

Some genuine typing errors might creep in the final boarding ticket. It might be a cause of worry as the name on the ticket will not match the ID. The changes will be made free of charge if the changes are up to three characters. Moreover, you can make changes only once.

You need to fill the details carefully because any change in name more than three characters will be charged. You should go through the rules for change carefully and submit the documents and passport for the same.

Change in Flight Details

You can never be sure when the need for the flight change has arisen. It can be due to an emergency. The change in the flight details is not possible for all the ticket types.

In case the booking is made with the travel insurance, Etihad authorities will not be able to make the changes in the detail.

Choose the ticket type wisely and check whether it allows the scope for change. You might not be able to avail of the benefits of change if you are availing flight-guest seat flights to India from the Australia, Multi-seat booking, and residence booking.

Change in Services

You can ask for the change in the services and order customized services as per your ticket type. These changes can be for the children who are flying alone.

Also, Etihad Airlines provides special meals and bassinets features for infants. Wheelchairs and baby seats are also available to you on special request. More seats and excess baggage can also be requested according to the need.

Cancellation Fees

The fees for the cancellation will depend on the route and the airfare. And, multiple fare bookings apply more restrictive rules.

In case of unfortunate events, Etihad airlines do not charge any fee. These unfortunate conditions include the death of a family member. You can avoid the changes upon the production of proper documents.

One needs to approach the Etihad authority for the cancellation process. You can make the request in-person or even through online platforms for your flight ticket to India. Your refund will be processed only after checking your eligibility for the same.