Top 10 South Indian Destinations for Your Next Solo Travel

Solo travel has become extremely popular over the last few years among travelers, especially women. And, there is a reason for this. Not only can you travel at your own speed but also make friends all around the world.

Thus, the need arises for some great solo travel destinations. South India can be an ideal choice for this. There are numerous destinations here that have pleasant weather and welcoming crowd. Also, it is safe.

Further, you can travel to India with no trouble. Also, it is easy to find cheap flights to the USA from India for your return, as well.

Here is our well-devised list of some must-visit solo travel destinations in South India.


This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Karnataka is a great solo travel location. Also, this is a heaven for temple lovers and history aficionados. Make sure to pay tribute to the Virupaksha temple here.

Further, you can visit Hampi for the Vijaya Utsav. For this, you will have to book a flight for the first week of November. Also, the purpose of this festival is to honor its glorious past. Besides, you can have the finger-licking delicacies here.


This hill station in Kerala is a must-visit solo travel destinations in India. The lush green mountains here have beautiful tea gardens. And, they are a sight for sore eyes. The place is perfect for honeymooners, as well. Also, it is ideal for a romantic getaway.

Further, you can look for cheap flights from New York to India to visit it. Make sure to visit the tea plantations and the Eravikulam National Park. The natural flora and fauna of Munnar are sure to amaze you.

The natural beauty of the place will never disappoint you. You are sure to find peace and serenity here. Also, make sure to dig into their lip-smacking street food. Moreover, you will find it at an affordable price.


This is another cheap solo travel destination that is best for temple lovers. Also, foodies will love this place too. There are a lot of cafes here. The most famous attraction here is a beach trek. It covers three major beaches in the city. Thus, make sure to go on it.

Further, the place has picturesque and peaceful beaches. These non-crowded beaches are best for those traveling solo. Thus, make sure to visit this place that is full of greenery.


This port town in Kerala will provide you with a mesmerizing view of the Arabian Sea. Thus, it is an excellent destination for your next solo travel. Since airline tickets to India are readily available online, you can visit this place with no trouble.

Further, this fantastic city has people from various cultures. And you can visit the glorious churches here. These will remind you of the colonial past of the town. Moreover, the food here is something you must not miss at any cost.


This beach town is well-liked for its red cliffs. Also, palm trees cover them. Further, the contrast of these cliffs with the sea makes a beautiful landscape. Moreover, this destination is among some cheap destinations in the country. Therefore, this makes it the best choice for solo travelers in India.

Further, the city has many temples. You can explore these. Also, visit the cultural center here for some great performances. And, never miss out on the delicious food here.


This, too, is a great place to visit for solo travel in South India. The beautiful rock-cut temples are worth visiting as well. You can visit Dakshina Chitra. This is a cultural town on the outskirts of the city. You are sure to learn about the folk culture of the Southern Indian states here.

Flight booking from the USA to India is quite simple these days. Thus, make sure to visit the Madras Crocodile Farm, as well. For the delicious food, you can visit the local restaurants here.


This city still has traces of French history. Further, its unique cafes and picturesque beaches make it an excellent place for solo travel India. Further, the weather here is always right. Also, do check out the local eateries and French bakeries here.


You can quickly get round trip flight tickets between Canada and India. Thus, you can visit Kumarakom for your solo travel. This is a village by the backwaters in Kerala. Moreover, it is actually a cluster of islands. Also, this is an ideal place for birdwatchers. You can find many migratory birds here.

Further, do not miss the seafood here, notably different varieties of prawns. Also, you can stay in a local cottage for the best experience in this old-world village.


Traveling solo to this place is a great idea, especially for beach lovers. You can find many affordable options for food and stay here. Further, you can quickly get flights to this city. You just need to know about the best time to avail of travel deals on flights to India.

Also, winter months are ideal for visiting it. You can enjoy the beaches and visit the Vivekananda Rock Memorial. You can shop and socialize at the beach markets, as well.


This is a must-visit place for the largest Tiger reserve in the country is here. Be it cheap flights from Australia to India or those to the USA; they are available easily these days. Thus, you can easily visit and return to your home from here.

Further, this place is well-known for its spices. You can enjoy Elephant rides and ferry rides here. Also, this city is perfect for those who love nature. The local food here is delicious, as well. Also, people here are friendly and welcoming.

So, these are some breathtakingly beautiful South Indian places ideal for solo travel. Also, these are all non-expensive. Thus, you can travel to these even on a tight budget. You can also save more by finding some cheap airline tickets to India.

Interesting Facts about Flight Food for Your Next Flight to India

When traveling through the air, the kind of food served in any particular airline is one of the criteria for making the bookings. While you are booking Indian flight tickets, you should be well aware of the composition of the food that you would be taking.

Many of you might not be aware of the facts related to the food, its quality, or it is just of terrible quality. Check out these interesting facts about flight food that might leave you startled.

Unlimited Snacks

Unlimited Snacks

It is one of the most exciting things to consider while flying on an airplane. You might be of the view that the snacks that served to you are the only stock available for you. But that is not the case. Your flight attendant does not want you to know about the same.

The flight attendants want you to believe that once you take your share, they are left with very little to serve the person next to you. But, you can ask for more if you wish to, politely, and your request will be surely considered.

Pilots are served Different meal

Pilots are served Different meal

The pilots with you on the board are served with different meals that the passengers. It is because the airline authorities want to leave no stone unturned to assure the total safety of the passengers.

As there are a few changes in the flight food to result in food poisoning, you cannot, for sure, afford the pilots to fall sick like the other passengers. Your pilots getting stomach sick will not be a pretty flying experience.

Not Eating can be bad for Health

Not Eating can be bad for Health

Those who do not eat while flying or do not like airline food are not making a good choice after all. Although you might be of the view that airline food is not hygienic or not cooked properly, skipping meals is not an option.

This can be a cause of changes in blood sugar levels. This can also make you feel fatigued, shaky, and weak. Not eating while you are in the air can cause migraines and worsen your moods. Also, you might worsen the experience of jet lag. So next time when you fly from Denver to India, it is advisable not to skip the meals while you are flying, just for your good.

Meals not Cooked entirely

Meals not Cooked entirely

The meals that are served in the plane are not completely cooked. You will be surprised to know that the beef served is only 30 percent cooked and chicken 60 percent.

But there is nothing to worry about. The meat is cooked all over again in the baking oven on the board to serve you fresh and safe.

Food might not be fresh

Food might not be fresh

All of us have heard it over and over again that the food served in the airlines in actually not fresh. This is exactly what happens. The flight or airline food preparation at least ten hours before the actual serving time.

In more serious cases, the flight food or airline food preparation could have been prepared 72 hours prior to the service and then frozen to keep it safe from being stale. But you need not worry about this. There are certain airlines that you encounter while booking cheap airline tickets to India from the USA, where the flight food served is stored for over five days and still does not cause any adverse health issues.

Your food might taste differently

Your food might taste differently

You might have observed people say that airline food tastes different or horrible. However, it is not the food that is to be put to blame. The food usually feels differently when you are up in the air. When the plane is flying 30,000 feet above in the air, the food and beverages are likely to feel different.

This is because of the humidity and the changed air pressure that the taste of the food feels horribly different. It is because of your taste buds’ ability to respond to all the flavors. High altitudes drop the tongue’s response to various flavors. Like if you have booked flights to India from Boston, the ability to taste sweet drops by 20 percent and saltiness 30 percent. Do not blame it entirely on the airline food.

Employees stealing leftovers have to face consequences

Employees stealing leftovers have to face consequences

For the employees on-board, it is not allowed and is against the rules to take the leftover food to their homes. In the case of uneaten meals, the employees have to throw the extra flight food rather than taking them along.

Many airlines in foreign countries are very particular about these rules and make sure that the food is properly disposed of and carried along. Flight attendants are also fired for carrying the unused water bottles.

Food wastage because of flight delays

Food wastage because of flight delays

All the uneaten food, as stated above, is thrown. This is one of the most important causes of food wastage in flights. And if the flight gets delayed for more than six to eight hours, the food to be served is thrown and wasted.

Tons and tons of food are thrown in case of delay and cancellation. Just imagine the amount of wastage.

Food is prepared on the ground

Food is prepared on the ground

As per the safety laws, the food served to the passengers in the planes is prepared on the ground. The food that you get for eating is actually reheated. The preparation of food is not possible because of the lack of apparatus.

It is the duty of the cabin crew to use an air blower or oven to heat the food before serving. The cooking of the food on the ground does surely affects the taste, but it is considered safe. As any flame left, unattended can act as an invitation to the hazards in the midair.

These facts about airline food are sure to leave you startled. You can check these while you book tickets to India from the USA.

Alarming Airline Secrets Revealed for your Next Flight to India

While traveling through the plane, there are plenty of questions that come in mind. Like if the pilot is awake all through the journey, or the reason behind the dim lights in the plane. The list of questions is endless, and the secrets behind these remain unrevealed for many.

When you have booked cheap flight tickets to India through your favorite airline, you can check the list of anomalies to know what the hidden reasons behind these are. Check out the following list of facts that can be helpful for your next trip to any international destination.

Fly with an entirely new perspective, check these:

1. Reasons behind the dim lighting

Reasons behind the dim lighting

The reasons for the cabin lights to be dim are not really for you to sleep well. These are to give you ease while evacuating. When you leave the cabin in the dark, these lights have already adjusted your vision in the dark, and you will be able to see clearly in the dark outside.

And, you have been thinking, that was for you to have a sound sleep. That is why you would have observed that it is generally not necessary to dim the lights during the daytime landing and takeoffs. You can even relate it to safety preparations, as well. Because when in your flights you have to make sudden evacuation, these few seconds of adjusting to the light can be crucial. An interesting airline secret indeed.

2. Actually Breathing engine air

Actually Breathing engine air

You definitely know that the air that you breathe in the plane is not something that is coming from the outside. The compressed air taken from the engine is supplied in the airplane to the passengers for breathing. You were never aware of this airline secret for sure.

Twenty-five to fifty percent of the air is transferred to the flight deck, and the rest is supplied to the passengers for breathing. This air finally leaves the airplane through the small holes at the bag of the fuselage.

The air that we breathe-in during our journey through the plane is coming from the engine compressor and not the exhaust. The compressor happens to warm the air before its circulation.

3.Unlocking lavatory from the outside

Unlocking lavatory from the outside

You will be surely surprised to read that if you think that you cannot be disturbed while in the washrooms, you are wrong. The lavatory in the plane has an external unlocking system carefully concealed for emergency openings.

You can be approached while in the washroom through the lock mechanism behind the no smoking badge at the door from the outside. Opening the lock is very simple. You just need to lift up the flap and slide to unlock. Do it only when it is highly urgent, else this airline secret can lead you to face the consequences.

4.Unwashed blankets and pillows

Unwashed blankets and pillows

Long flights are something that definitely requires you to take naps and to adjust with the temperature in the plane; you have no option other than curling over the blanket you have received from the airplane’s end.

Are you sure that the blankets and the pillows are given to you are washed?

No, they are actually not. The fresh ones can be observed only on the first flight of the day and that too in the provisioning cities. After that, they are just folded and re-used. And what about the trays on which you get the food served?

Try and not to spread the butter or the peanut on the tray, you can never be sure regarding the washing of the dishes. It has been observed that the tray tables are cleaned only once that too, not necessarily for all flights. Sometimes, only when the flight has to go through an overnight journey. Although a bit unhygienic airline secret, it is just to make you aware to keep you in good health.

5.Upgrading to the First class after the takeoff

Upgrading to the First class after the takeoff

When you have bought the cheaper flight tickets from the USA to India in the economy and have tried every way to ask for an upgrade, you have one final chance for the same after the plane took off. Once the door closes, you can gently approach the attendant and ask for the availability of the seats, if any.

You can surely score an upgrade if you are a solo passenger or traveling with a small baby. Moreover, your gentle approach can score you more points in getting the upgrade.

6.Pilots sleeping during the journey

Pilots sleeping during the journey


According to a survey conducted with the pilots, it has been noted that forty-three to fifty-four percent of pilots have fallen asleep during the flight at least once. For longer flights that have no breaks in between, pilots assign sleeping times in a turn.  It is to ensure the safety of the passengers.

The co-pilot takes charge during nap time, and the same happens when he takes his turn. But, you can never be sure if the pilots really weight for their turn, or just sleep voluntarily. If this airline secret is revealed, you surely will not be able to score a sound sleep.

7.Oxygen masks last for not more than 15 minutes

Oxygen masks last for not more than 15 minutes

From the point of pulling your oxygen mask, they only have the stock enough to help you to the maximum of 15 minutes. This time is, however, enough for the pilot to get you to lower altitudes for better breathing. But, you can never be sure of that.

It generally takes ten to twenty minutes by the plane to get down to a comfortable altitude. This depends upon the current altitude.

8.Plane water actually not clean

Plane water actually not clean

If the water you consumed is not from the bottle, you are undoubtedly inviting ill health. It has been observed that the water taken from the ports can get contaminated with the bacteria.

It is, therefore, not safe to take the water that is not sealed. Be attentive to maintain good health during your journey.

9.Pilots do not get the same meal

Pilots do not get the same meal

The food that you are served during the journey is different from that given to the pilot for obvious reasons. It is not the case that the food given to you is bad. But, serving different food to the pilots is for your good.

In case the food served to the passengers get contaminated, the airlines cannot afford the pilots to fall sick. The safety of the passengers is in the hands of the pilots, so proper measures are taken to maintain their good health all through the journey.

These concealed secrets about the airplane can be helpful for you to have a better travel experience for your next flights to India.

6 Serene Indian Destinations to Unclog your Mind

Are you ready to sail away from environmental and mental pollution?

Today’s fast-paced life can leave you distressed. However, it is only natural that you de-stress. And, there’s nothing better than taking a break.

Traveling not only helps you invigorate but also boosts your motivation. Therefore, it enables you to regain energy to conquer the daily struggles of life.

But, the question remains…

Is there a perfect destination to unclog your mind? Well, the answer varies depending on person to person. However, India is one such place that can satiate your thirst to unwind in many different ways.

Here are 6 Serene Indian Travel Destinations for you:

1.Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

A touch of nature will set you free…

The northern region of India is blessed with natural beauty, and the state of Uttarakhand is one of them. The quaint city of Lansdowne teleports you to a happy place, tucked away from all the hustle-bustle.

Lansdowne has an elevation of 1728 m. Also, the place is encircled with snowy peaks and lush greenery. The city is composed of landmarks and buildings of the colonial era.

However, don’t forget to visit the Tip N Top, Bhulla Lake, St. John’s Church, Travel Café, and Darwan Singh Regimental Museum.

2.Silent Valley National Park, Kerala

Silent Valley National Park, Kerala

It is blissful as its name…

The rectangular valley is perhaps the only undisturbed region of the Western Ghats. You will come across exotic flora and fauna, unlike any. The feeling of sharing the same habitat as them is beautiful.

Embark on a 14-mile long ride through the sylvan surroundings.

Since it is a tropical rainforest, the best time to visit the place is between December and April. During this time, the humidity levels dropdown.

The Peerlamedu Airport is the closest airfield that connects the reclusive park. You can catch flights to Coimbatore and travel the remaining 45 miles via road.

Also, some places to visit here include the Kunthi River and Watch Tower. It is a great place to engage in activities such as off-roading, jungle safari, and trekking.

3.Alappuzha, Kerala

Alappuzha, Kerala

Meet the cousin of Venice…

How about taking a rest from the daily, boring terrestrial life and float over water for a while? Sounds fun, right?

Presenting you, Kettuvellams. These 30 meter long houseboats are fashioned in an old-technique by the finest carpenters. Live in a temporary, floating abode and disconnect from the world at Alappuzha, also known as Alleppey.

Choose from different kinds of houseboats and soak in the scenery as they take you on some of the best routes you will ever fare by water.

Visit the numerous canals, lakesides, lagoons, and more!

4.Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Sole abode of the Dzukou Lily…

At an altitude of almost 2500 m from the sea level, Dzukou Valley is as close as it gets to heaven. Plan your visit between April and September. It is when spring is in full swing. You will not only come across the extremely rare lily species but several other wonders of nature.

This Indian destination is a must-visit, especially for nature enthusiasts.

The valley is not only surrounded by the jazzy Japfu Hills, but also by two icy-cold rivers.

5.Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

Add a little chill to your itinerary this summer…

The out of the ordinary town is one of the oldest in the state. And, the best part, you can visit it any time of the year.

Undoubtedly, amongst the best summer getaway spot, Ziro is world-renowned for pine hills and bamboo products.

Tibetan cuisine is another tourist-favorite here. Further, you can explore the culture of this Indian destination by interacting with the tribes.

Enjoy serenity at its best. Head to the local ridge, called Kilo Pakho, for unmatched vistas. It is definitely one of many local highlights.

6.Moorang, Himachal Pradesh

Moorang, Himachal Pradesh

A non-commercialized haven…

Trek the adventurous Kinnaur peaks and rediscover your love for nature. The perfectly serene environment of this Indian destination makes it a backpacker’s heaven.

The apricot orchards interspersed with flowers set the tone of the place. Blanketed in hues of pink and red, the site looks as spectacular as ever.

Also, you can visit the ruins of Moorang Fort, often linked to the Hindu Epic, Mahabharata. A few miles away from Moorang is a monastery that is worth a visit too.

The Shimla airport serves as the airfield closest to the town. You can catch daily flights from New Delhi to Shimla.

That sums up 6 best serene Indian destinations. Catch the next cheap flights to India and explore more of such destinations. The country is blessed with diverse geographical features. Each one of them has a lot to offer as a tourist hotspot.

From coastal cities to hilly hamlets, India is the most colorful travel destination you will ever visit.

Airplane Decorum – Top 10 Tips To Maintain It

Along with cheap flight booking, getting a comfortable flight is the topmost priority of almost every passenger. Thus, it is natural to recline your seat and kick off your shoes when taking a long haul flight.

However, one passenger’s comfort can lead to another passenger’s displeasure. Thus, even these relatively minor offenses can make your co-passengers hate you. So, make sure to follow the standard airport etiquette to make your fellow passenger’s (and your) journey easy.

Our well-curated list will help you do the same. Have a look:

1. Never Hold Up The Security Line

Never Hold Up The Security Line

Flying decorum truly begins even before you board your airplane. Therefore, make sure to have your ID and boarding pass ready when you approach the airport security. This way, you and thereby the others can get through it as fast as possible.

Also, while you stand in the line, you can prepare for the security check beforehand. You can do this by removing your belt and watch. Further, you can take out your laptop and separates your liquids.

Doing this before reaching the conveyor can save a lot of time. Thus, you and everyone behind you can get to the gates faster. So, make sure never to hold up the security line.

2.Do Not Hog The Overhead Space

Do Not Hog The Overhead Space

Overhead compartments in an airplane are a massive minefield of airplane decorum. Thus, tossing your bad in the first overhead bin you come across even if your seat is at the back, is a major violation. Also, one should not use it for small items like your sweatshirt.

Thus, never take up all the overhead space with your oversized carry-on. This is the basic airplane etiquette that one must follow. So, after you board your plane using your cheapest flight tickets, make sure to take care of this point.

3. Keep Out Of The Aisle

Keep Out Of The Aisle

Booking the cheapest airfare for your trip is not the only thing you should look after. Maintaining proper airplane decorum is essential too. Blocking the aisle on the plane, one should thing which should not be done at any cost.

Doing this can irritate the ones behind you. So, make your to organize your before you board your plane. This way, you can quickly keep the stuff you do not need while in the overhead bin without blocking the aisle.

4. Never Fight Over Electronics With The Flight Attendants

Never Fight Over Electronics With The Flight Attendants

To have a happy flight booking India tickets with a good airline is not the only thing you should care about. You should also behave well with the airplane attendants. Undeniably, they are the ones that try to make your flying experience pleasant.

So, do not be rude to them or pick up a fight unnecessarily. Make sure to follow the rule of not using your electronics during takeoff and while landing. Picking a debate over this rule is absurd as the flight attendants did not create it.

5. Do Not Slam Your Seat Back

Do Not Slam Your Seat Back

Nothing can get a traveler more worked-up than the passenger in front of them slamming their seatback. Hence, if possible, do not recline your seat back at all.

If you do so, you will, in turn, cause pain to the person behind you. And cause him discomfort. Thus, make sure to follow the basic airplane etiquette of not reclining your seat, especially when flying economy.

6. Do Not Pound The Seatback Screen

Do Not Pound The Seatback Screen

Apart from not reclining back your seat on your USA to India flight, you need to make sure that you do not pound the seatback screen, as well. The entertainment screens on the back of the seats do not always function well. However, pounding on the screen is not the solution to it. It will not work that way.

Also, do not forget about the passenger sitting in your front. It may cause an inconvenience to him. Thus, make sure to be gentle. Alternatively, you can use the remote.

7.Control The Odor

Control The Odor

Removing your shoes and socks may be comfy for you, but not for your fellow travelers. Several reasons may make you smell bad when traveling. Also, these are beyond one’s control. However, you can maintain the airplane decorum by not taking off your socks and shoes.

Also, odor from food and snacks can be annoying, as well. This is because the smell tends to stay in an enclosed space. Thus, make sure not to carry something with a strong odor with you to the flight.

8. Always Use Your Headphones

Always Use Your Headphones

Not everyone wants to know your taste in movies and music, even if it is fantastic. Also, people do not wish to spend their entire flight listening to sounds from the game that you are playing on your cell phone. Thus, make sure to plug in your headphones whenever you do so.

Alternatively, when playing a game, you can mute the sound. This way, you will not disturb your co-passengers.

9. Look After Your Children

Look After Your Children

We understand that controlling a screaming baby can be a tough task. And, it is not in your control. But, at least you are trying. However, ignoring your kids completely during the journey is the worst thing you can do.

So, never pretend not to notice when your kid is busy kicking the back of someone else’s seat. Also, make sure that they do not run down the aisles.

10. Let Middle-Seat Passengers Take The Armrests

Let Middle-Seat Passengers Take The Armrests

Getting stuck in the middle place for an entire flight can be difficult. So, you can make it a little easy for such passengers by letting them take the armrests on both sides. Also, make sure to never fight over such a trivial issue. Imagine, if you got stuck like that, how would you feel?

Further, when looking for flight ticket deals, always choose an aisle or window seat. Avoid getting stuck in the middle.

Follow the above rules without-a-doubt to follow proper airplane decorum. This is sure to make your Canada to India flight a pleasant experience.

Best Time to Avail Travel Deals on Flights to India

When it comes to traveling, we prefer to travel budget-friendly. Searching for the best travel deals online is our first go-to option. It takes hours of research to choose the best deals across various online platforms. You lack knowledge about the right deals meant for you can leave you to spend more on different flight tickets to India.

Tickets prices keep on changing with the demands and the seasons, here is how you can make the best of the deals for your next Indian vacation.

1.Booking in the Low Season

In case you are searching for an affordable travel deal, the internet is the only best place for it. You can check through the deals at various websites in one go. But, not only this, the time at which you are traveling makes a considerable difference with the fares.

At the seasons when the passenger traffic is low, airline tends to offer flight tickets within your budget. Not only this, if the passengers traveling with you are limited, you can quickly get a flight upgrade upon request.

Being aware of the airline traffic in a particular season will fetch you profitable deals for your USA to India flights. Not only will it reduce your expense on airfare, but it will also give you all the possible benefits due to less traffic.

2.Festival Deals and Major Holidays

When you are planning a trip to India, festivals and other significant holidays have a great effect on reduced airfares. Various websites put up deals during the festival seasons like Independence Day, Diwali, Thanks Giving, Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc. Although you might find a whole lot of people traveling back home, the prices offered can be very promising.

Choose your best travel deal and make the best of your journey.

3.Round- Trip deals

It is yet another way to save big on flight tickets. When you have your itinerary set much before your ticket booking, making arrangements with the round-trip deals is a super-saver way to travel.

You have got your arrival and departure dates ready, choosing for the discounted round-trip options can help you feel relaxed regarding your return journey. You not only are availing the best deals, but also feel secure about the return tickets’ availability.

4.Academic Schedules

One must have a good knowledge of the academic schedules as it mainly affects the travel plans of various passengers. When you are traveling to India during summers, you can be sure of facing higher prices with airfares. Especially for the resort destination, the fares get automatically high during summer vacations in India.

While you are traveling to any such destination, choosing the dates that are not frequently visited or the destination that is not much crowded is a way to save on your air travel fares. Moreover, if in case you have planned a vacation getaway, you will need to go out of your pocket.

Calculate all your expenses before you plan an overall profitable and fun vacation.

5.Climatic Conditions

Climate plays a vital role in affecting the prices of airline tickets. If the weather conditions are likely to worsen during the course of your journey, the prices are high to rebook. It is mainly because of the precautions that the airlines need to take in adverse weather conditions.
Go for a weather forecast before you book flights to India and save on airline tickets.

6.Winter Deals

Changing seasons come with deals that are more reasonable than regular prices on flight tickets. Many travel ticket-booking portals provide deals that vary according to the seasons. And as winters are approaching near, these online platforms have come up with promising offers for your next vacation destination in India.

Along with all the deals mentioned above, booking your tickets early is a better option to save on your travel expenses. You can plan for your trip first and make the bookings as soon as possible. Also, sign in for travel ticket booking alerts and get to know about the latest deals as soon as they reflect.
Traveling smart is a better way to make your trip to an international destination an affordable one.

10 Ways to Make Air Travel Sustainable

Are you a frequent flyer? If yes, then you have a shared responsibility towards the environment. Constant efforts are put in making the aviation industry sustainable as it is the most promising mode of transportation.

However, the cumulative impact of air travel over the planet cannot be overlooked. While initiatives like carbon offsetting are gaining traction, there are numerous other ways to make air travel environment-friendly.

The future of air travel also looks bright with the introduction of biofuels and electric planes.

Here are 10 of the most-effective methods to reduce carbon footprint:

1. Avoid Traveling via Layovers

Avoid Traveling via Layovers

One of the easiest ways to cut pollution caused by air travel is to choose nonstop flights over direct or connecting flights. The reason is simple. The more times you take off and land, the more fuel is consumed.

And, more fuel consumption leads to more carbon emissions. Going by the 2010 NASA study, a quarter of airplane emissions are a direct result of take-offs and landings.

Although research and testing of alternative fuels are underway (as discussed later in the article), there is still a long way to go.

Moreover, nonstops flights reduce your travel time, especially while traveling between countries, like flights from USA to India. Not only you reach your final destination faster but also cause less environmental impairment.

2. Travel with a Light Luggage

Travel with a Light Luggage

Did you know traveling with light luggage or less stuff also helps reduce carbon footprint? Aircraft that transport luggage can operate more efficiently if travelers lessen the amount of luggage they carry with them.

Especially those traveling for leisure can pack light, or make use of fabrics that do not require frequent laundry. This way you can carry fewer clothes and reduce the number of travel bags.

Moreover, carry-on luggage will also help you save airline fees such as checked-in luggage fees, overweight fees, and so on.

Further, passengers can make use of alternate luggage transfer methods. Some of them include door-to-door luggage transfer or ship cargo.

3. Carbon Offset Programs

Carbon Offset Programs

Carbon offset initiatives are aimed at neutralizing the adverse effects of air travel. For instance, if you are traveling on flights from Sydney to Delhi, you can opt for carbon offsetting programs that will cancel out the air pollution caused by that particular flight route.

This is done by various methods. These may include large scale schemes such as reforestation, or small-scale projects that pay farmers to use eco-friendly means of cultivation and agriculture.

However, before investing in any program, kindly ensure its legitimacy. You may come across rip-offs. Genuine initiatives are usually those that are at the funding stage.

4. Support Sustainable Airlines

Support Sustainable Airlines

Air travel is inevitable, as there is no mode of transport as fast and convenient as airlines.

You can considerably reduce the amount of pollution by supporting eco-conscious airlines, especially while traveling long-haul routes such as flights from Melbourne to Mumbai.

Many factors go into making an airline eco-friendly. For instance, airlines that have upgraded to a newer fleet with winglets and other technologies that make air travel sustainable.

Also, airlines that make use of eco-friendly materials, like carbon fiber seats, lighter beverage carts, magazines made out of environment-friendly resources, etc.

Airlines such as Delta, KLM, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and most of the major air carriers are moving towards healthier alternatives.

5. Prefer to Travel by Economy, wherever Possible

Prefer to Travel by Economy, wherever Possible

Not many passengers are aware, but traveling in the business can increase carbon footprint by threefold. The numbers are even higher for first-class.

On average, traveling in the premier section of the plane will increase per passenger emission by as much as nine times. However, first-class seats are becoming more and more uncommon nowadays.

One of the key reasons is the seat configuration. They occupy a larger area. This means that emissions per passenger increase.

Hence, wherever possible, try to fly in the economy section.

6. Carefully Select Travel Destinations

Carefully Select Travel Destinations

If you can change your travel destination, then choose the location wisely. Leisure travelers, like those planning a family vacation or a weekend getaway, can take up this initiative.

Of course, if your company asks you to board flights to India for business purposes, you have no luxury of choice. However, you can pursue your company to book nonstop flights or a sustainable airline to reduce the adverse effects.

Also, avoid traveling to locations that are undergoing an environmental crisis.

Even though a lot of economies rely on their tourism industry, if you want to help the nation, you can opt for better methods such as donations to the government, non-profit organizations, etc.

7. Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels, like biofuel, are being developed by companies like GE Aviation, and Virgin Fuels. Moreover, the automobile industry is taking the fuel industry to new heights through innovation.

Especially with aircraft like the Wilksch WAM120 have the potential to run on vegetable oil! Another breakthrough in aviation fuel is the air carriers equipped to run on ethanol.

Further, hybrid designs such as aircraft that will run on petrol fuel as well as biofuel.

Besides, aircraft that operate on liquefied natural gas are also promising. They are not only eco-friendly but inexpensive. Thus, cutting aviation fuel cost.

8. Futuristic Electric Travel Planes

Futuristic Electric Travel Planes

Aircraft with combustible engines are more suited for more extended air travel. Also, passenger air carriers are usually larger, and electric powered motors are not yet robust enough to support its function.

Even though the electric planes are not yet appropriate for commercial passenger air transfer, then have shown promise in flight training.

Therefore, numerous organizations have demonstrated the suitability of light aircraft for initial flight training.

The significant advantage of this is reduced cost. Training a pilot on an electric aircraft is much less inexpensive as it eliminates the use of aviation fuel.

9. Travel Plastic Free

Travel Plastic Free

Plastic poses the greatest threat to the environment. A few precautions can go a long way. For instance, pack a reusable water bottle made out of degradable material.

Also, avoid all sorts of plastic extended to you. Another major use of plastic is shopping bags. You can purchase a canvas bag and use it to carry loose items you purchase.

Dining out at hotels or restaurants may also include plastic containers, etc. You can check with the staff to eliminate all sorts of plastic utensils or serving apparatus.

10. Travel Greener

Travel Greener

Lastly, passengers must eliminate all possible threats to the environment. This includes giving up of articles that are not eco-friendly.

Choose greener transportation methods. To commute within the city, opt for environmentally conscious means, such as bicycles, e-car rentals, etc. Also, reusing and recycling on the go is helps too.

Disposable items must be avoided at all costs. Also, instead of printing tickets to flights from Brisbane to Bengaluru, go digital. Download your boarding pass, and avoid unnecessary printing.

Undoubtedly, airplanes heat the atmosphere. However, it remains amongst the most eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Since there is no alternative to that comes close to flying in terms of convenience, combined efforts from everyone involved in the aviation process is required. A new generation of conscious travelers and advancements in technology continues to make air travel more sustainable.

12 Fascinating Indian Festivals you’ve never heard

India is the land of festivals, with some of the most popular events being Diwali, Dusshera, Holi, etc. However, some lesser-known festivals will thrill you and fill you with fun!

So, here are 12 fascinating Indian Festivals you’ve probably never heard of!

1.Vintage Car Festival

Vintage Car Festival

Join the festival to witness marvelous machines from the British era. Hundreds of cars engage in a rally that takes you through the beautiful and historic city of Jaipur.

Venue: Jaipur

Date: Month of January

Highlight: You can find some rare gems and classics such as 1903 Humber, 1927 Erskine, 1934 Rolls Royce. What’s even more interesting is that you can also rent some of these vehicles for a few hours and embark on a joyride. Looking for cheap last-minute flights to India, yet?

2.St+Art Festival

St+Art Festival

St+Art festival aims at spreading art to the streets of India, literally. Hence, it is a huge step forward in democratizing street art within the nation.

So far, buildings and colonies in the metropolises such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi, amongst others, have been embellished with striking work of artists around the world.

Venue: Varies

Date: Month of October

Highlight: Creative and quirky murals that turn your regular looking street into a masterpiece.

3.Kila Raipur Festival

Kila Raipur Festival

The Kila Raipur Sports Festival is a grand event that is also known as Rural Olympics. Started in the year 1933, the event features a countless number of games ranging from modeling show to bullock cart race and everything in between (that you can imagine).

Venue: Ludhiana

Date: February to 1st to 3rd

Highlight: The almost eccentric and unusual sporting competitions showcase the valor of Punjabis. It attracts over 6,000 competitors and nearly half a million spectators each year.

4.Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Started in the year 1999, the nine-day long spectacle takes place in the ‘Art District of Mumbai,’ better known as Kala Ghoda. Besides, there is no entry fee! Anyone and everyone are welcome! Have you reserved your flights to Mumbai?

Venue: Mumbai

Date: First Saturday of February

Highlight: Kala Ghoda Festival is India’s largest multicultural event. It features a wide variety of exciting activities, including stand-up comedy, urban design and architecture, visual arts, children events, heritage walks, music, cinema and theater, literature, dance, food, street art, and more!

5.Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival

The internationally-acclaimed literary event takes place in the Diggi Palace Hotel. Writers from across the world participate in the event. It features activities such as debates, readings, and interactive sessions with the audience.

Other short events such as musical gatherings, dance performances, etc. fill the gap between major events.

Venue: Jaipur

Date: January 23 to 27

Highlight: Jaipur Literature Festival is the largest free literary event in the world.

6.Bengaluru International Arts Festival

Bengaluru International Arts Festival

Amongst the most celebrated events in Bengaluru, The International Arts Festival allows you to a part of world-class entertainers belonging to diverse fields. Furthermore, you can participate in increasing the green cover carried out through tree plantation programs, etc.

The initiative not only promotes the art of the performers but also helps them financially through donations.

Start looking for travel deals well in advance, once the dates for the event are out to get the cheapest flight tickets.

Venue: Bengaluru

Date: Varies
Highlight: Talent from India and across the world come together to create, collaborate, and perform in harmony. It also aims at environmental awareness.

7.Hemis Festival

Hemis Festival

Hemis Festival marks the occasion of the birth of the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Padmasambhava. Hence, the vibrant religious festival is amongst the largest and most significant in the city.

Also, the landscape of Ladakh adds to the overall grace and experience of the festival.

Venue: Ladakh

Date: 10th day of the Tibetan Lunar Month (Usually in July)
Highlight: The mystic mask performances and sacred plays steal the show at the Hemis Gompa Festival.

8.International Kite Festival

International Kite Festival

The International Kite Festival celebrated on the festival of Makar Sakranti marks the transition of weather from winters to summer. Also, during the same time, you may come across affordable offers on flights to Ahmedabad.

Venue: Ahmedabad

Date: 14th January
Highlight: Lie down and gaze at the sky full of colorful kites at the Ahmedabad Police Stadium, or head to the banks of Sabarmati River. In addition, one can even visit the Kite Museum that exhibits unique kites. Also, you can buy kites from the Patang Bazaar, which is open 24 hours a day during the festival.

9.Serendipity Arts Festival

Serendipity Arts Festival

Goa is the party capital and the default tourist destination of India. It is also home to some of the most exciting events, such as the versatile Serendipity Arts Festival. In addition, the event features photography, music, dance, culinary arts, crafts, theater, visual arts, and a lot more!

Venue: Goa

Date: December 15th to 22nd
Highlight: Apart from the fields mentioned above, the festival goes a step further and offers other audience engagement through workshops, special projects, etc.

10.Ooty Summer Festival

Ooty Summer Festival

The Ooty summer festival is amongst the best-known summer events in India. The beautiful landscape of Nilgiri Hills hosts the annual festival. Moreover, the event features a plethora of shows and fairs, including a flower show, spice show, and fruit show.


Date: 2nd to 3rd week of May

Highlight: The event captures the essence of local culture and lifestyle. Moreover, the scenic beauty of the hill station adds another dimension to the ambiance.

11.Cartist Automobile Art Festival And Yatra

Cartist Automobile Art Festival And Yatra

Art is not confined to four walls of galleries and museums; it is everywhere. And, the Cartist Automobile Art Festival is perhaps the best example.

Further, it is a moving exhibition of customized and painted cars that travel to multiple different cities to showcase the fantastic art.

Therefore, plan your trip to India and book cheap flight offers in April and follow the event across the nation.

Venue: Multiple cities across India

Date: April 18th to 24th

Highlight: The perfect marriage of Indian art and culture with the love of vintage cars.

12.International Film Festival of India

International Film Festival of India

The International Film Festival of India is the perfect treat for the lovers of cinema in the Bollywood-land. And, what better place than Goa to celebrate the union of the world’s movie buffs!

Venue: Goa

Date: November and December

Highlight: The most significant film festival in Asia. Besides, the aim is to provide a common platform to film cultures of different countries.

So, psyched to catch flights to India? Make a note of the venues and dates of the festivals listed in the article to make your next Indian expedition an unforgettable memory!

10 Common Airport Blunders and Tips to Avoid Them

Getting through airports these days can be quite a task. From dropping your luggage at the security line to reaching the boarding gate, there are multiple things that you need to do. Therefore, between these hassles, you are sure to make a mistake or two before you board flight from the USA to India. Further, these can affect your travel or budget adversely.

Here is our list of 10 most common airport blunders that you may be making and tips to steer clear of these.

1.Paying Too Much for Airport Car Rentals or Parking

Paying Too Much for Airport Car Rentals or Parking

Car rentals and parking at the airports are usually overpriced. Further, they can be even more expensive if you book them last-minute. Therefore, if possible, try booking your car rentals along with your cheap flight tickets to Delhi.

Also, it is best to park off the airport property sometimes. This way, you can save a little on parking as well. You can look out for various parking coupons and discounts. Further, there are many private parking’s available these days. And, they are cheap as compared to the airport ones.

However, you need to plan all this ahead of time. Leaving these tasks for the last minute may not be a great idea.

2.Not Checking in Online

Not Checking in Online

Check-in lines at the airports can be longer than you expect it. Therefore, when you have the option to do it online, not doing is the biggest airport blunder that you can make.

So, along with booking cheap flight tickets online, book your car rentals in advance as well. Leave it for the very last only if you have some kind of a problem that you can only solve at the airport.

You can have your ticket sent to your phone. Further, if you do not have baggage, you can head straight to the security line. Alternatively, if you have it, its checking will be quick as the security checks it beforehand.

Also, some airlines will let you choose your seat on check-in. If this is the case with you, you can do it quickly and select your favorite seat. We are confident that you will love that!

3.Impulse Buys during Duty-Free Shopping

Impulse Buys during Duty-Free Shopping

The duty-free shops can be really tempting when you have time to kill at the airport. However, not all these duty-free buys are genuine deals.

The idea behind these shops is to offer products with significantly reduced prices. Or the sales taxes do not apply to these. The trade zones in airports permit these cuts. But this is only true for familiar products. The local specialties are prone to be costly here.

Therefore, avoid buying these in such stores. You do not want to spend the amount you saved while getting cheap flight deals to India from the USA. Instead, we advise you to look for them while you explore the city. This way, you are sure to get some good deals and bring back a unique souvenir home.

4.Not Bringing Food and Empty Water Bottle with You

Not Bringing Food and Empty Water Bottle with You

Just like the airport parking, the food and drinks there tend to be costly as well. So, avoid eating at airport eateries. Though the quality of eating places at the airports is increasing these days, they are still overpriced.

Similarly, drinking water can cost you a lot too. You can easily avoid such unnecessary expenditures. For this, always bring your food from home. Also, carry an empty water bottle with you. You can quickly fill it up after you get through your security check.

Doing so, you are sure to save a lot. And, this will benefit your budget in turn.

5.Not Having TSA Pre-Check

Not Having TSA Pre-Check

Applying for a TSA pre-check is an excellent idea. You need to get it done, especially if you travel a lot. Pre-check lines tend to be short than the regular ones. Thus, you can get through security checks quickly and without much hassle.

Also, you need not remove your shoes here. Further, you do not have to take out your laptop, as well. Not only the line will move quickly, but you will not have a fear of leaving something behind too.

Therefore, along with booking cheap flights from Boston to India, apply for a TSA pre-check also.

6.Being Rude

Being Rude

This is that one mistake you should never make. A smile and patience tend to go a long way when it comes to mingling with others. So, be it the flight attendants, gate attendants, TSA agents, or even your fellow passengers, never be rude to them.

You do not know when you may need someone’s assistance in the flight. And, if you irritate them even, they are not obliged to help you out.

7.Not using Airport lounges

Not using Airport lounges

Many airlines have various frequent flyer programs these days. Due to these, it can be puzzling about which lounge your membership gets you. However, airports have some lounges that you do not need to register for.

Your regular airline alliance program can help you earn some points. You can redeem them to get access to the partner airline’s lounge areas. Thus, make sure to enjoy such small perks by your earned points.

8.Sending Personal Information over the Airport Wi-Fi

Sending Personal Information over the Airport Wi-Fi

Always remember that if it is “free,” it does not mean it is “safe” as well. Although many airports have free Wi-Fi facility for the convenience of travelers, it may not always be secure.

So, never type in your personal information when using such public networks. This information may be your passwords or bank details. You do not want hackers misusing it.

9.Not Marking and Weighing Your Luggage Beforehand

Not Marking and Weighing Your Luggage Beforehand

Save yourself from looking at each bag to spot yours. You can do this by marking yours with a vibrant tag. Also, add your contact info to it in case you lose it.

Further, make sure to weigh your luggage at home to avoid unnecessary delays at the security. For this, make sure to read the airline’s baggage policy well in advance.

10.Not working out your route to the gate until the last minute

Not working out your route to the gate until the last minute

Once you pass through the security, make sure to work out the way to your gate immediately. You do not want to waste your cheap fare tickets by missing the flight.

These common airport blunders can be easily kept away from by following the above tips. So, next time you are about to board your flight to Cochin, make sure to steer clear of all these.

Customer Service Provided by Etihad Airline

All airlines have specific policies for their customers. These policies might be linked with airfares, refunds, cancellation, etc. Whereas you might not be able to get the clarity of the policies through the online platform, there are customer services that offer you reliable assistance whenever you need them.

Etihad is one of the popular airline service providers in the world have certain policies regarding their services. You can easily take these to your advantage and make the best of your International flight tickets to India.

Etihad Airlines Services

In the case of Delay and Cancellation of Flights

Etihad Airlines tries to provide all the services to their passengers on time and that too with utmost quality. But, due to some weather-related issues and air traffic control factors, the flights might get delayed, canceled or diverted.

You will be provided by the exact status of the flight that will include the change in timings and the diversion in the route if any.

You will get the information in the following possible ways:

The information will be displayed in the boarding gate area of the concerned flight.

The information might be present on the departure side of the display screens.

You can check the status at etihad.comor even through the mobile app.

Call centers can also give you the desired information.

Also, if there is any diversion in the route, you will get the information of the same through the crew members, including the reason for the diversion.

Email or SMS alerts will also provide you the desired information.

Baggage Delivery

The airlines keep a close check for maintaining the security of your baggage. The baggage is delivered to the passengers on time after the flight’s arrival. But, there might be chances that the luggage does not reach you on time. You can meet the concerned representative and file a report for the same.

It will take 24 hrs for you to receive your baggage after the efforts put in by the team. It might take some time, longer than expected in some exceptional circumstances.

You will be contacted on a regular basis to inform you about the status of the search in case the baggage is not located at the time of arrival. Also, you are eligible for reimbursement from Etihad end in case you are not in your native nation.

You will receive compensation for producing the receipts to the Etihad Airways.

Guests with Special Needs

Etihad provides exceptional services to people with special needs. The services delivered are full of warmth and affection. They have accessible lavatories and moveable armrests in many seats. It also has onboard wheelchairs to provide assistance to the guests with mobility issues.

During any tarmac delay, the airline crew will make every possible effort to accommodate passengers with special needs. Also, the guests with special needs can get a copy of 14 CFR Part 382 in the accessible format from the US Department of Transportation.

Refund Policy

The passengers can claim a full refund of the ticket purchased in case of any emergency. You can cancel the bookings within 24 hrs of purchase without paying any extra cancellation charges.

There are a few points that you should consider before making any cancellation:

Your date of issue of the airline flight ticket should be no more than five years.

One should make the bookings from a single credit card.

You will not be able to reverse the change made by the cancellation, so do the changes wisely.

Your bank can charge you some extra charges upon cancellation, so you need to be prepared for the same.

The procedure of the refund will be similar to the mode of payment.

Changes and their types

Various changes can be made in the tickets as per the rules, some of them are:

Change in Name

Some genuine typing errors might creep in the final boarding ticket. It might be a cause of worry as the name on the ticket will not match the ID. The changes will be made free of charge if the changes are up to three characters. Moreover, you can make changes only once.

You need to fill the details carefully because any change in name more than three characters will be charged. You should go through the rules for change carefully and submit the documents and passport for the same.

Change in Flight Details

You can never be sure when the need for the flight change has arisen. It can be due to an emergency. The change in the flight details is not possible for all the ticket types.

In case the booking is made with the travel insurance, Etihad authorities will not be able to make the changes in the detail.

Choose the ticket type wisely and check whether it allows the scope for change. You might not be able to avail of the benefits of change if you are availing flight-guest seat flights to India from the Australia, Multi-seat booking, and residence booking.

Change in Services

You can ask for the change in the services and order customized services as per your ticket type. These changes can be for the children who are flying alone.

Also, Etihad Airlines provides special meals and bassinets features for infants. Wheelchairs and baby seats are also available to you on special request. More seats and excess baggage can also be requested according to the need.

Cancellation Fees

The fees for the cancellation will depend on the route and the airfare. And, multiple fare bookings apply more restrictive rules.

In case of unfortunate events, Etihad airlines do not charge any fee. These unfortunate conditions include the death of a family member. You can avoid the changes upon the production of proper documents.

One needs to approach the Etihad authority for the cancellation process. You can make the request in-person or even through online platforms for your flight ticket to India. Your refund will be processed only after checking your eligibility for the same.