Airplane Decorum – Top 10 Tips To Maintain It

Along with cheap flight booking, getting a comfortable flight is the topmost priority of almost every passenger. Thus, it is natural to recline your seat and kick off your shoes when taking a long haul flight.

However, one passenger’s comfort can lead to another passenger’s displeasure. Thus, even these relatively minor offenses can make your co-passengers hate you. So, make sure to follow the standard airport etiquette to make your fellow passenger’s (and your) journey easy.

Our well-curated list will help you do the same. Have a look:

1. Never Hold Up The Security Line

Never Hold Up The Security Line

Flying decorum truly begins even before you board your airplane. Therefore, make sure to have your ID and boarding pass ready when you approach the airport security. This way, you and thereby the others can get through it as fast as possible.

Also, while you stand in the line, you can prepare for the security check beforehand. You can do this by removing your belt and watch. Further, you can take out your laptop and separates your liquids.

Doing this before reaching the conveyor can save a lot of time. Thus, you and everyone behind you can get to the gates faster. So, make sure never to hold up the security line.

2.Do Not Hog The Overhead Space

Do Not Hog The Overhead Space

Overhead compartments in an airplane are a massive minefield of airplane decorum. Thus, tossing your bad in the first overhead bin you come across even if your seat is at the back, is a major violation. Also, one should not use it for small items like your sweatshirt.

Thus, never take up all the overhead space with your oversized carry-on. This is the basic airplane etiquette that one must follow. So, after you board your plane using your cheapest flight tickets, make sure to take care of this point.

3. Keep Out Of The Aisle

Keep Out Of The Aisle

Booking the cheapest airfare for your trip is not the only thing you should look after. Maintaining proper airplane decorum is essential too. Blocking the aisle on the plane, one should thing which should not be done at any cost.

Doing this can irritate the ones behind you. So, make your to organize your before you board your plane. This way, you can quickly keep the stuff you do not need while in the overhead bin without blocking the aisle.

4. Never Fight Over Electronics With The Flight Attendants

Never Fight Over Electronics With The Flight Attendants

To have a happy flight booking India tickets with a good airline is not the only thing you should care about. You should also behave well with the airplane attendants. Undeniably, they are the ones that try to make your flying experience pleasant.

So, do not be rude to them or pick up a fight unnecessarily. Make sure to follow the rule of not using your electronics during takeoff and while landing. Picking a debate over this rule is absurd as the flight attendants did not create it.

5. Do Not Slam Your Seat Back

Do Not Slam Your Seat Back

Nothing can get a traveler more worked-up than the passenger in front of them slamming their seatback. Hence, if possible, do not recline your seat back at all.

If you do so, you will, in turn, cause pain to the person behind you. And cause him discomfort. Thus, make sure to follow the basic airplane etiquette of not reclining your seat, especially when flying economy.

6. Do Not Pound The Seatback Screen

Do Not Pound The Seatback Screen

Apart from not reclining back your seat on your USA to India flight, you need to make sure that you do not pound the seatback screen, as well. The entertainment screens on the back of the seats do not always function well. However, pounding on the screen is not the solution to it. It will not work that way.

Also, do not forget about the passenger sitting in your front. It may cause an inconvenience to him. Thus, make sure to be gentle. Alternatively, you can use the remote.

7.Control The Odor

Control The Odor

Removing your shoes and socks may be comfy for you, but not for your fellow travelers. Several reasons may make you smell bad when traveling. Also, these are beyond one’s control. However, you can maintain the airplane decorum by not taking off your socks and shoes.

Also, odor from food and snacks can be annoying, as well. This is because the smell tends to stay in an enclosed space. Thus, make sure not to carry something with a strong odor with you to the flight.

8. Always Use Your Headphones

Always Use Your Headphones

Not everyone wants to know your taste in movies and music, even if it is fantastic. Also, people do not wish to spend their entire flight listening to sounds from the game that you are playing on your cell phone. Thus, make sure to plug in your headphones whenever you do so.

Alternatively, when playing a game, you can mute the sound. This way, you will not disturb your co-passengers.

9. Look After Your Children

Look After Your Children

We understand that controlling a screaming baby can be a tough task. And, it is not in your control. But, at least you are trying. However, ignoring your kids completely during the journey is the worst thing you can do.

So, never pretend not to notice when your kid is busy kicking the back of someone else’s seat. Also, make sure that they do not run down the aisles.

10. Let Middle-Seat Passengers Take The Armrests

Let Middle-Seat Passengers Take The Armrests

Getting stuck in the middle place for an entire flight can be difficult. So, you can make it a little easy for such passengers by letting them take the armrests on both sides. Also, make sure to never fight over such a trivial issue. Imagine, if you got stuck like that, how would you feel?

Further, when looking for flight ticket deals, always choose an aisle or window seat. Avoid getting stuck in the middle.

Follow the above rules without-a-doubt to follow proper airplane decorum. This is sure to make your Canada to India flight a pleasant experience.

Lost your Indian Passport in the USA? Here’s What to Do!

In 2018, an Indian traveling to the USA lost his passport and took to social media to ask for help from a renowned Indian politician, who helped the stranded Indian to book the USA to India flights without a passport. The person was to attend a wedding back home. She (political leader) contacted the Indian embassy to assist the person in getting back to India in time for a wedding, his own! But, not all of us are that lucky. Passport is the single most important article that validates your identity in foreign lands. In fact, a passport is a key that open doors for international travel.

Losing your passport overseas can be a bittersweet experience. Boarding flights to India or any other country without this instrument is almost impossible. However, do not panic as there is always a way out. So, if you are an Indian who has lost their passport in the USA, this post is for you. The article also lists some precautions that will help other readers in a similar situation.

Preparing for Contingencies

Being prepared for contingencies is foremost. We can take convenient precautions that help in case of a lost passport. It doesn’t matter if you are on board for a business-trip or flying for a fun vacation, there are some thumb rules of traveling. Going away from home calls for an extra-careful attitude, so make sure you are prepared. There are a few precautions that go a long way and save you a lot of trouble. Since preparation is half the battle won, follow the below-listed Rules of Thumb for Traveling!

  • ID Proof: While traveling overseas, especially ensure that you carry some identification proof of yourself. Be it Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID, etc, as long as you have it, you will be entertained anywhere on the planet. They are also potential life-saviors.
  • Hard Copy: Keep a hard copy (Photostat, Scanned Photocopy, etc) of your passport, visa, and other important travel documents.
  • Soft Copy: Do not have a hard copy? Don’t worry, you must be carrying a smart-phone with a camera, utilize it. If not, then make sure to equip yourself with at least one smart-gadget. Click photos of your passport and visa. Make sure you fit all the essential details like name, address, photo, etc. into the frame.
  • Save on Multiple Platforms: Save the photos in all the devices that you are carrying with yourself, such as laptops, tablets, flash drives, etc. And also email them to your ID. This ensures smooth, secure and sure access to your travel documents.
  • Click Lots of Photographs: A photo is worth a thousand words, so turn the time-stamp on and start documenting your travel experience in the forms of photos and videos. The time-stamp will help you keep track of things, as well as time. Apart from capturing the memories, they sometimes capture leads too.

If you ever lose your passport in the USA, do report it to the local police. You can even file your complaint online by visiting the official government website.

While filing your complaint, bear these points in mind and share them with the authorities:

  • When was the last time you remember having the passport?
  • Make a note of all the places, spots, etc. that you have visited during your trip.
  • Inform about the areas where you might have lost the passport.
  • Go through your photos.

There’s a fair amount of possibility that someone might have already found it and turned it over to the police officials.

Indian Consulate or Embassy

If the police authorities are unable to find your passport, the next advisable step is to get in touch with the Indian Embassy to help you book flights to India. Report the matter and apply for a replacement. A Replacement passport like Tatkal passport or emergency or temporary passport will help you in getting back home without legal troubles. It will be like a regular passport, so, don’t lose heart while dealing with such situations.

Apply for Replacement: Log on to the Indian Embassy to apply for a ‘Tatkal passport’ and follow the procedure. The price for the application is about three hundred and seventy-five dollars. You will receive your replacement passport within two weeks after the start of the procedure. Documentation involved in the process of applying for a duplicate passport may include:

  1. Passport Application Form, make sure it is duly signed.
  2. A copy of a Police Report.
  3. Photocopies of the passport lost. (Front, as well as backside)
  4. A photocopy of the Air tickets.
  5. Photocopy of the Visa.
  6. A personal application that states the reason for application of duplicate passport.

Locate a Notary: Locate an authorized notary in your area. Notarizing identification proofs is necessary too, in order to attest the validity of the document. If you are carrying any other Valid ID like Driver’s License, etc.

Documents: The person with a lost/stolen passport must possess some documents that validate your identity. Proof of present address, date of birth and an affidavit containing details pertaining to how and when the passport was lost, must be presented to the embassy. Also, provide the embassy with a copy of the police report. Next step is to send the required documents to Washington DC, where the Indian Embassy is located.

Note: Make sure the documents and application are error-free and the address on the mail order is accurate.

The United States Consulate

In the process of replacement or retrieving of passport, you would also have to provide The United States Consulate with the details of your lost passport. This will ensure that the Consulate is updated on the matter. Another benefit of informing the US consulate is that it will help in tracking your passport and most importantly, prevent Identity Theft or other misuses of your passport.


Unlike the passport, a visa is not replaceable from the destination country, itself. You will be permitted to stay in the country for as long as authorized. That means Indians with F1 type visa would have to come back to India and then, apply for the visa replacement, since, F1 visa type facilitates entry into the United States of America. You may be asked for an I-94 number, which can be obtained from the official I-94 website.

Yes, losing a passport in a foreign land is not a pleasant experience. And, no, it is not the end of the world. You can still board the USA to India flights, as there is always a solution but only if you stay composed. Save the soft copies of the essential documents like passport and visas in your phone, and also secure the hard copies in a folder. Inform everything clearly to the authorities, especially the local police, Indian Embassy, and the United States Consulate. This is going to expedite the process of finding your passport. You can also notify your travel insurance provider as they can cover the cost of the loss. Always be in touch with your family back home, keep them updated.

A Visit to India During March

India is a reserve of plenty of delights and surprises, which can bewitch you with its charm and extravagant beautiful land. Travel to places to visit in March in India, where attraction never ceases to amaze tourists. It has a plethora of experiences to offer to people visiting here from all around the globe. This beautiful country houses everything from the seventh wonder of the world the Taj Mahal to palaces and forts of India that mark their way back to hundreds of year ago.

Keeping in mind your travel plans for March, here are some suggestions to make your stay in India an incredible one.

Pink City- Jaipur

A fascinating city that has always attracted tourists with historic forts and palaces, Jaipur will provide you with wonderful travel experience in March by letting you attend celebrations like Gangaur festival starting from 21 March. The celebration includes women praying for the long lives of their husbands, by worshipping Lord Shiva and Gauri.

Other Attractions:

  • The Royal lifestyle of City Palace
  • Astounding Hawa Mahal
  • Bystand bewilderingwalls of Amer Fort
  • For a variety of Camel leather products, visit Bappu Bazaar
  • A traditional glimpse at Chokhi Dhani
  • Wildlife enthusiast can head to Jaipur Zoo

 Yoga Capital of The World- Rishikesh

The glorious attraction for Rishikesh is the Ganges itself. The wonderful trekking experience it offers to its visitors is a complete blend of spirituality and adrenaline rush. You can be a part of the International Tantra Festival if you visit Rishikesh during March. This festival will be held from March 11 to March 17. Travelers from 30 countries around the world travel to Rishikesh to attend this session in Parmarth Niketan Ashram.

Other Attractions:

  • Swinging walk on Laksham Jhula andRam Jhula.
  • Hot water spring of Rishi Kund
  • Spiritualize yourself by witnessing evening Aarti at Triveni Ghat.
  • Visit Geeta Bhavan, famous for providing free shelter
  • Other tourist attractions include Lakshaman Temple,Raghunath Temple, Shree Bharat Mandir etc.

Land of Temples and Beaches– Chennai

The capital city of Tami Nadu, Chennai is famous for its passion for music. Temples in Chennai wonderfully portray glorious artwork in Dravidian architectural style. Other than visiting Temples, Churches, and Beaches, Chennai will give you an opportunity to be part of Go Madras festival. You will find yourself among music lovers. The 2019 Go Madras Festival will be from March 2 to March 4.

Other attractions:

  • Marina Beach, Covelong Beach,Elliot’s Beach will soothe you.
  • Visit the oldest temple ofChennai Parthasarathy Temple
  • Experience architectural magnificence of mosque
  • San Thomas Church will take you back to San Throne Church

Bollywood Town -Mumbai

You should stick around your plan of visiting Mumbai in March. Your undefined food love will find a wonderful destination. The Bhukkad Flea along with Earth Angels Welfare will provide you with 100+ dishes to trigger your taste buds. 20+ trucks will participate in this two-day Food Truck Festival on 16th and 17th March.

Other Attractions:

  • Descending waterfalls at the Pandavkada Falls.
  • A popular Trekking destination, Belapur Fort
  • Witness Greek and Royal Park visit Utsav Chawk
  • ISKCON Temple, Nerul Balaji Temple, and Bawkhaleshwar Temple for your spiritual insight.
  • UNESCO certifiedworld heritage site, The Elephanta Caves.

These places would be ideal sites to enjoy the beauty of cultural diversity of India. With affordable flights to India you can savor its natural beauty at relatively lower prizes.

Backpacking Travel Tips for Best Journey Ever!

Backpacking is the important aspect of traveling. It is all about going on camping while taking your clothes and other needed things that must be there in your backpack. If you are planning a trip then as a traveler, you should try your best to make your trip really valuable. Stay calm & practical, even if you haven’t done backpacking. You are still not so late to become a good backpacker and that will make you rock throughout the trip!

Here are five backpacking travel tips that will help you stay safe, carry useful belongings , and make your trip budget-friendly:

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is the basic thing that one should carry with him while traveling. If you get sick due to changes in topographic and climatic conditions, then at least you should have some antibiotic in your bag instead of searching for the pharmacy during the trip. If you don’t use it, still it is good to be safe and secure than to be simply sitting on a bed being sick.

Extra Copies Of Passport And Visa

Losing passport and visa in a foreign country is the worst nightmare that can happen to anyone. So, if you have some extra copies of passport and visa, it will prevent you from getting into big trouble unless you get a new one. Also, in some of the countries like Pakistan & Nepal, one needs to submit the copies of their passports and visas to the local police.

Choose Appropriate Time for Flights

There is no doubt that booking flight tickets provide you cheaper deals, but in terms of flexibility of price, it will leave a demerit to you. If someone is looking at the last moment for the tickets, it will be highly expensive. So, the appropriate time to booking cheap flight tickets is from 1 to 3 months in advance. Make sure to check out all websites for cheaper airfare deals.

Backpack is Must

Backpack is like your wardrobe throughout your trip in which you carry the most useful things of yours. A comfortable backpack with apt size can make your trip a memorable one. Try to carry a minimum stuff and pack useful, it will become easier for you to carry the backpack on your shoulder.

Use Public Transportation

Public transports are the easiest and cheapest way of traveling within the city. Travelers are also opting for multiple days pass for the cost-effective commute. In most of the metropolitan cities, multiple day tourist passes are available at cheaper cost as compared to the actual cost helping travelers to save a large amount of money.

Make your journey stress-free and incredibly adventurous with the help of Airfaregoose that will surely make your trip a memorable one.

Winter Travel- Important Tips to Remember

Being a travel enthusiast, sometimes it can feel arduous to travel in the winter season. It is a time of the year, when you become stressed with long waiting periods, especially at the airports, either due to the hordes of people, cancellations or any other reason.Once the harsh weather appears during the peak times of air travel, it often creates hassles in your trip.

What would be it like if you book cheap flights to India from the US, only to get canceled or delayed?

Therefore don’t let this winter holiday travel season take a toll on your body and mind. Just follow these 5 winter holiday tips for travel enthusiasts-

Plan ahead

It is the most common advice that you will hear from everyone. This is because waiting till the last minute always leaves your holiday trip to risk. Therefore considering this advice will actually mean worth spending your extra time. You can book cheap flights to India with the help of a travel agent, so as to avoid peak travel dates, or fly either early or late, hereby avoiding huge crowds.

Check flight status

During the summer seasons, you may notice that the flights are usually on time. However, in the case of winters, the scenario changes entirely, because of the constant delays due to harsh weather conditions. That is why it is vital to reconfirm the status of your flight, as it will give you a clear idea of what time you need to reach the airport.

If by any chance you have connecting flights, then it is also essential to check the cities where the plane will depart. Regular checking holds importance, because some of these flights also get delayed, and will affect your travel plans.

Re-book your flight

You must know that nowadays various commercial airliners track the weather conditions. These teams also reschedule flights so as to avoid harsh weather conditions in winter. If the weather is too bad for taking off then these airliners also offer the opportunity to the passengers to re-book flights.

Carry power banks

You will think that it is a cliche tip regarding winter travel tip, but it makes sense. Keeping your devices charged and in working condition is must, especially in the bad weather conditions. Therefore, carrying a  power bank is a must while you are traveling in the winter season. This additional device can come in handy in case your cell phones run out of charge.

The above-mentioned winter travel tips will surely help you to prepare on your next winter travel. So, just book your cheap flights to India from AirfareGoose, and get the best deals.

7 Useful Tips to Experience Richness in Travelling from Australia to India

India is renowned for its natural beauty, boisterous colors, exquisite food, and heartwarming hospitality. Every year many tourists from all around the world come to visit incredible India. The mesmerizing beauty of many exotic places in India makes it an absolute package for a lively traveling experience.

So, if you are the one who is about to make a move to explore India, here are the useful tips for all travel enthusiasts.

  • Traveling internationally often leads you to spend extravagant money on your travel, food, and accommodation. However, touring India could be a budget-friendly option. So, act smartly and before booking the flight tickets compare the prices of different airlines from different websites. Most of the travel websites offer high discounts for traveling internationally, so stay tuned with their updates to avail the offers.
  • If your travel dates are confirmed, then save your bucks by taking advantage of advance bookings from a travel website. The skyrocketed airfares during peak months might cause hindrance in your traveling plans. That is why, try to book your tickets 5 to 6 months in advance and enjoy high discounts on bookings.
  • In order to save money, one should try to avoid traveling on weekends. Weekdays are best to get cheap flight tickets and you just need a bit of research for finding fly deals best suited to your budget and requirement.
  • The diverse weather patterns of India, make some places extremely hot and cold at times. It has been observed that the best time to tour India is from October to March. However, October is the peak time in India for traveling because of a number of festivals that take place during this time. Hence, make plans accordingly and book your tickets in advance.
  • One can also opt for holiday packages for making the trip cost-effective. Avoid any kind of hassles during traveling by simply pre-booking your cheap hotels in India.
  • The diverse culture in India will blow your mind. So, get acquainted with the custom and traditions of the place you are visiting from your travel agent. A knowledgeable travel agent will introduce you with every single detail of the place you wish to visit.
  • Hindi is the national language of India and if you don’t know this language then it’s better to carry a translation book with you. If you have your travel agent with you, then there is no need to worry as he will be the translator for your trip.

So, are you ready to have regal experience for a lifetime in India? If yes, then these tips will surely help you for having such a glorious experience. Now, if you are all set to go then what are you waiting for? Just book your cheap flight from Australia to India and enjoy your journey.