10 Common Airport Blunders and Tips to Avoid Them

Getting through airports these days can be quite a task. From dropping your luggage at the security line to reaching the boarding gate, there are multiple things that you need to do. Therefore, between these hassles, you are sure to make a mistake or two before you board flight from the USA to India. Further, these can affect your travel or budget adversely.

Here is our list of 10 most common airport blunders that you may be making and tips to steer clear of these.

1.Paying Too Much for Airport Car Rentals or Parking

Paying Too Much for Airport Car Rentals or Parking

Car rentals and parking at the airports are usually overpriced. Further, they can be even more expensive if you book them last-minute. Therefore, if possible, try booking your car rentals along with your cheap flight tickets to Delhi.

Also, it is best to park off the airport property sometimes. This way, you can save a little on parking as well. You can look out for various parking coupons and discounts. Further, there are many private parking’s available these days. And, they are cheap as compared to the airport ones.

However, you need to plan all this ahead of time. Leaving these tasks for the last minute may not be a great idea.

2.Not Checking in Online

Not Checking in Online

Check-in lines at the airports can be longer than you expect it. Therefore, when you have the option to do it online, not doing is the biggest airport blunder that you can make.

So, along with booking cheap flight tickets online, book your car rentals in advance as well. Leave it for the very last only if you have some kind of a problem that you can only solve at the airport.

You can have your ticket sent to your phone. Further, if you do not have baggage, you can head straight to the security line. Alternatively, if you have it, its checking will be quick as the security checks it beforehand.

Also, some airlines will let you choose your seat on check-in. If this is the case with you, you can do it quickly and select your favorite seat. We are confident that you will love that!

3.Impulse Buys during Duty-Free Shopping

Impulse Buys during Duty-Free Shopping

The duty-free shops can be really tempting when you have time to kill at the airport. However, not all these duty-free buys are genuine deals.

The idea behind these shops is to offer products with significantly reduced prices. Or the sales taxes do not apply to these. The trade zones in airports permit these cuts. But this is only true for familiar products. The local specialties are prone to be costly here.

Therefore, avoid buying these in such stores. You do not want to spend the amount you saved while getting cheap flight deals to India from the USA. Instead, we advise you to look for them while you explore the city. This way, you are sure to get some good deals and bring back a unique souvenir home.

4.Not Bringing Food and Empty Water Bottle with You

Not Bringing Food and Empty Water Bottle with You

Just like the airport parking, the food and drinks there tend to be costly as well. So, avoid eating at airport eateries. Though the quality of eating places at the airports is increasing these days, they are still overpriced.

Similarly, drinking water can cost you a lot too. You can easily avoid such unnecessary expenditures. For this, always bring your food from home. Also, carry an empty water bottle with you. You can quickly fill it up after you get through your security check.

Doing so, you are sure to save a lot. And, this will benefit your budget in turn.

5.Not Having TSA Pre-Check

Not Having TSA Pre-Check

Applying for a TSA pre-check is an excellent idea. You need to get it done, especially if you travel a lot. Pre-check lines tend to be short than the regular ones. Thus, you can get through security checks quickly and without much hassle.

Also, you need not remove your shoes here. Further, you do not have to take out your laptop, as well. Not only the line will move quickly, but you will not have a fear of leaving something behind too.

Therefore, along with booking cheap flights from Boston to India, apply for a TSA pre-check also.

6.Being Rude

Being Rude

This is that one mistake you should never make. A smile and patience tend to go a long way when it comes to mingling with others. So, be it the flight attendants, gate attendants, TSA agents, or even your fellow passengers, never be rude to them.

You do not know when you may need someone’s assistance in the flight. And, if you irritate them even, they are not obliged to help you out.

7.Not using Airport lounges

Not using Airport lounges

Many airlines have various frequent flyer programs these days. Due to these, it can be puzzling about which lounge your membership gets you. However, airports have some lounges that you do not need to register for.

Your regular airline alliance program can help you earn some points. You can redeem them to get access to the partner airline’s lounge areas. Thus, make sure to enjoy such small perks by your earned points.

8.Sending Personal Information over the Airport Wi-Fi

Sending Personal Information over the Airport Wi-Fi

Always remember that if it is “free,” it does not mean it is “safe” as well. Although many airports have free Wi-Fi facility for the convenience of travelers, it may not always be secure.

So, never type in your personal information when using such public networks. This information may be your passwords or bank details. You do not want hackers misusing it.

9.Not Marking and Weighing Your Luggage Beforehand

Not Marking and Weighing Your Luggage Beforehand

Save yourself from looking at each bag to spot yours. You can do this by marking yours with a vibrant tag. Also, add your contact info to it in case you lose it.

Further, make sure to weigh your luggage at home to avoid unnecessary delays at the security. For this, make sure to read the airline’s baggage policy well in advance.

10.Not working out your route to the gate until the last minute

Not working out your route to the gate until the last minute

Once you pass through the security, make sure to work out the way to your gate immediately. You do not want to waste your cheap fare tickets by missing the flight.

These common airport blunders can be easily kept away from by following the above tips. So, next time you are about to board your flight to Cochin, make sure to steer clear of all these.

Customer Service Provided by Etihad Airline

All airlines have specific policies for their customers. These policies might be linked with airfares, refunds, cancellation, etc. Whereas you might not be able to get the clarity of the policies through the online platform, there are customer services that offer you reliable assistance whenever you need them.

Etihad is one of the popular airline service providers in the world have certain policies regarding their services. You can easily take these to your advantage and make the best of your International flight tickets to India.

Etihad Airlines Services

In the case of Delay and Cancellation of Flights

Etihad Airlines tries to provide all the services to their passengers on time and that too with utmost quality. But, due to some weather-related issues and air traffic control factors, the flights might get delayed, canceled or diverted.

You will be provided by the exact status of the flight that will include the change in timings and the diversion in the route if any.

You will get the information in the following possible ways:

The information will be displayed in the boarding gate area of the concerned flight.

The information might be present on the departure side of the display screens.

You can check the status at etihad.comor even through the mobile app.

Call centers can also give you the desired information.

Also, if there is any diversion in the route, you will get the information of the same through the crew members, including the reason for the diversion.

Email or SMS alerts will also provide you the desired information.

Baggage Delivery

The airlines keep a close check for maintaining the security of your baggage. The baggage is delivered to the passengers on time after the flight’s arrival. But, there might be chances that the luggage does not reach you on time. You can meet the concerned representative and file a report for the same.

It will take 24 hrs for you to receive your baggage after the efforts put in by the team. It might take some time, longer than expected in some exceptional circumstances.

You will be contacted on a regular basis to inform you about the status of the search in case the baggage is not located at the time of arrival. Also, you are eligible for reimbursement from Etihad end in case you are not in your native nation.

You will receive compensation for producing the receipts to the Etihad Airways.

Guests with Special Needs

Etihad provides exceptional services to people with special needs. The services delivered are full of warmth and affection. They have accessible lavatories and moveable armrests in many seats. It also has onboard wheelchairs to provide assistance to the guests with mobility issues.

During any tarmac delay, the airline crew will make every possible effort to accommodate passengers with special needs. Also, the guests with special needs can get a copy of 14 CFR Part 382 in the accessible format from the US Department of Transportation.

Refund Policy

The passengers can claim a full refund of the ticket purchased in case of any emergency. You can cancel the bookings within 24 hrs of purchase without paying any extra cancellation charges.

There are a few points that you should consider before making any cancellation:

Your date of issue of the airline flight ticket should be no more than five years.

One should make the bookings from a single credit card.

You will not be able to reverse the change made by the cancellation, so do the changes wisely.

Your bank can charge you some extra charges upon cancellation, so you need to be prepared for the same.

The procedure of the refund will be similar to the mode of payment.

Changes and their types

Various changes can be made in the tickets as per the rules, some of them are:

Change in Name

Some genuine typing errors might creep in the final boarding ticket. It might be a cause of worry as the name on the ticket will not match the ID. The changes will be made free of charge if the changes are up to three characters. Moreover, you can make changes only once.

You need to fill the details carefully because any change in name more than three characters will be charged. You should go through the rules for change carefully and submit the documents and passport for the same.

Change in Flight Details

You can never be sure when the need for the flight change has arisen. It can be due to an emergency. The change in the flight details is not possible for all the ticket types.

In case the booking is made with the travel insurance, Etihad authorities will not be able to make the changes in the detail.

Choose the ticket type wisely and check whether it allows the scope for change. You might not be able to avail of the benefits of change if you are availing flight-guest seat flights to India from the Australia, Multi-seat booking, and residence booking.

Change in Services

You can ask for the change in the services and order customized services as per your ticket type. These changes can be for the children who are flying alone.

Also, Etihad Airlines provides special meals and bassinets features for infants. Wheelchairs and baby seats are also available to you on special request. More seats and excess baggage can also be requested according to the need.

Cancellation Fees

The fees for the cancellation will depend on the route and the airfare. And, multiple fare bookings apply more restrictive rules.

In case of unfortunate events, Etihad airlines do not charge any fee. These unfortunate conditions include the death of a family member. You can avoid the changes upon the production of proper documents.

One needs to approach the Etihad authority for the cancellation process. You can make the request in-person or even through online platforms for your flight ticket to India. Your refund will be processed only after checking your eligibility for the same.

6 Flight Carbon Offset Guidelines for Air Travelers

Did you know that air travel and adverse climate change has a direct relation? The need of the hour is green travel! Airplanes are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

Regardless, owing to the safety, efficiency, and convenience of air travel continues to overshadow its drawbacks. However, responsible passengers can create a revolution through carbon offset technology.

1.Carbon Offset- Meaning

Carbon Offset- Meaning

Every flight emits carbon that is harmful to the environment. Hence, in simple words, carbon offsetting programs allow passengers to cancel out their flight’s emissions by investing in carbon reduction programs.

For instance, if you are to board flights from Melbourne to Mumbai, enrolling for a carbon offset program will balance out the negative environmental impact caused by that particular flight.

You may be wondering how the balancing out works? The answer varies from reforestation to reducing methane emissions from nearby rice paddies.

Carbon offsets are measured in metric tons. A traveler can make use of online calculators to ascertain the amount of carbon emissions a particular flight is producing through an independent source or project website.

2.Carbon Offsets- Passenger Benefits

Carbon Offsets- Passenger Benefits

Apart from the passengers, carbon offsets are beneficial for everyone in general. Hence, not just travelers, but anyone can invest in carbon offsetting.

However, traveling is accountable for the toxins that cause climate change. Air passengers may feel more responsible for opting for such programs.

Imagine you have to travel at the eleventh hour, and direct last-minute flight to India is the quickest mode of transport. You are left with no choice but to take it. The point being, sometimes travel is inevitable.

A carbon offset is perhaps the best way to pay back the environment. Especially for frequent flyers, it is an affordable way to negate the carbon emissions.

3.Carbon Offsets- Analyzing Program of Choice

Carbon Offsets- Analyzing Program of Choice
Before sealing the deal, ensure that you are investing in a legitimate carbon offset program. Some of them are rip-offs. This is majorly because of insufficient regulation and lack of transparency. Hence, be extra careful while selecting your program of choice.

Several breakthroughs are underway. For instance, providing a unique serial number per one metric ton of carbon reduction will help in managing, regulating, and verifying the operations of carbon offset programs.

It will also help in ensuring that the same carbon emission is not sold multiple times. For instance, giving Australia to India flight route a unique ID will help evaluate its progress.

Another important thing to consider choosing a carbon offset program is the project type. If it is an already existing project, there are chances that it is not legitimate. On the contrary, additional projects that are at the funding stage suggest they are genuine.

4.Carbon Offset- Purchase Guide

Carbon Offset- Purchase Guide

After making up your mind to contribute to green travel, the next step is to find a carbon offset program. The best method is online. Multiple websites such as Gold Standard and Green-e help you locate an authentic project.

The best piece of advice is to select a program that strikes a chord with you. Since there are a lot of environment-conscious programs out there, you will be posed with a wide range of choices.

You can select programs based in your hometown or your favorite destination.

Moreover, some programs have gone a step further. Apart from greenhouse emission reduction, they have humanitarian side projects. Such projects benefit ecosystems and create employment for the underprivileged.

5.Carbon Offset- Tax Regulations

Carbon Offset- Tax Regulations

A legitimate carbon reduction program registered under 501(c) (3) your carbon offset purchase is tax-deductible.

Carbon taxes are effective in greenhouse gas reduction and protect against adverse climate change.

So, next time to book cheap flight deals to India from the USA or other great-value deals, balance it out with carbon offsets!

6.Carbon Offsets- Green Travel Alternates

Carbon Offsets- Green Travel Alternates

Lastly, investing in carbon offsetting is not the only way to contribute to a greener environment. Whether you are a traveler or not, one thing everyone has in common is coexistence.

Therefore, plant trees and invest in carbon reduction projects, however, only after thorough research. Make USA to India flights or other long-haul flights emission-free.

12 Airport Hacks to Make your Travel Smart

Millions of people travel every day. Some of them are just taking a break while others mean serious business.

Even though people travel for different reasons, they all feel similar about commuting on a long-haul flight. It can be tiring. However, with a few simple tricks, you can make your next travel experience pleasant.

Here are 12 Airport Hacks to turn every passenger into a smart traveler:

1. Download Boarding Pass and Airport Map

Boarding Pass and Airport Map

Always download your boarding pass before even reaching the airport. Even better, print it! Also, download the airport map and save it in your phone so you can view it offline.

Some airports do not offer free Wi-Fi. Besides, a technical glitch may occur at any given moment. Hence, you must be prepared to slide through any contingency.

Imagine making it to the airport in time with everything in place. On your way to the check-in counter, the airport Wi-Fi betrays you. Good thing you saved your flight tickets to India on your smartphone.

2. Always Check-in Online

Always Check-in Online

Once again, technology comes to the rescue. Checking in online has many advantages over checking in at the airport. The former is far more convenient than the latter, to say the least.

Web check-in confirms your flight reservation. You may even add details such as meal preferences, baggage quantity, preferred seats, and so on.

Moreover, online check-in significantly reduces the time you spend at the airport check-in airport. So, skip the long queues at the check-in counters and head straight to the luggage drop-off area.

3. Use TSA Approved Locks

Use TSA Approved Locks

A lot of travelers lock their luggage for protection and mental satisfaction.

However, using locks while traveling through the United States of America is against the laws of TSA (Transportation Security Administration). The US airport security may break the locks to check baggage physically.

However, if you use TSA-approved locks, the security staff can unlock it with a universal key. This means no more broken locks on flights from Florida to Jaipur.

Combination locks that are TSA-approved protect your stuff from others. Also, the airport security can check your baggage minus the damage.

4. Apply for Global Entry

Apply for Global Entry

Global Entry is instrumental in passing through the screening and security process at the airport quickly. However, this program is useful within the United States only.

Enrolling yourself for Global Entry means submitting your fingerprints and other details to establish your identity with the airport and customs authorities. Following which you gain swift passage through security at airports by means of a membership card.

If you belong to these countries, you can apply for a global entry and travel smart:

  • United States (including permanent residents)
  • United Kingdom (British citizens only)
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Switzerland
  • Panama
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • Argentina
  • South Korea (Smart Entry Service members)
  • Colombia
  • Taiwan

5. Get Yourself a Travel Credit Card

Get Yourself a Travel Credit Card

A travel credit card is a smart option, particularly for frequent flyers. These cards can even earn you a free global entry.

However, the highlight is the privilege to travel at discounted airfare, and in some cases, free of cost.

As a frequent flyer, you can use the miles you’ve traveled to encash benefits. It is even more useful for an international commute. Picture flights to India from the USA with no costs involved!

In addition, you gain access to the lounge across different airports. What’s more is that these lounges offer free food and beverages, Wi-Fi, alcohol, and more.

6. Share Flight Number while Booking Taxi’s, etc.

Share Flight Number while Booking Taxi’s, etc.

While aircraft takes care of most of your expedition, you may require car rentals or public transportation for airport transfers.

Always remember to share your flight number while booking a cab. Doing so, the transportation that you have hired can track the updates relating to flight delays or cancelation, if any.

Therefore, even if you are behind schedule, the taxi operator can change the pick-up details, thereby saving you a lot of time and trouble.

7. Take Photos of Checked Luggage, Parking Spots, etc.

Take Photos of Checked Luggage, Parking Spots, etc.

Forgot where you parked? Having trouble filing a claim with your travel insurance provider for lost luggage?

One solution for many such airport and travel-related problems, take photos!

For instance, after leaving your car at the airport, photograph the parking lot. After you have checked your luggage in, take a photo of your bags.

This way, you don’t have to remember the details, you can simply resort to the picture.

8. Pack Important Stuff in your Carry-On

Pack Important Stuff in your Carry-On

One rule, if it is important, it goes on board with you. Stuff every important thing in a carry-on. Also, if your kit of essentials consists of electronics, and liquids pack them as the outermost layer.

You do not have to worry about lost luggage. Moreover, you do not have to stand by the carousel, trying to figure out where your bags went.

Make a list of items that you will use during your commute. Make sure none of those articles interfere with the items prohibited on board.

9. Join Frequent Flyer Programs

Join Frequent Flyer Programs

Even if you are not going to travel with the airline again, sign up for their loyalty program. There are plenty of rewards lined up for members. From getting a seat upgrade to free meals, frequent flyer programs offer all of it and much more.

You are also eligible for various airline amenities. Besides, some airlines offer complimentary tickets to festivals, vacations, or other events in exchange for the points earned.

You can also use these points to avail discounted airfare on domestic and international travel. Cheap flight tickets to Delhi are just a few points away.

10. Bring your own Food

Bring your own Food

Unless you have access to the complimentary delectables at the airport lounges, carry your food. Healthy snacks, fruits, and other alternatives work fine. You are expected to lose energy while in transition.

Apart from jet lag, tarmac delays and long layovers can also wear one down. Moreover, the food is not always readily available. You can pack a few calories for emergencies. Dry fruits are another good idea. Otherwise, there are lots of packaged food meant for consumption on-the-go. Explore your options!

11. Get a Portable Charger

Get a Portable Charger

This is not only limited to business travelers, as leisure travelers are equally dependant on devices. While corporate travelers like to stay updated with work through their smartphones, a backpacker likes to explore nearby attractions and events.

Always equip your carry-on with a portable charger. Keep devices alive, and working is crucial to a smooth travel experience.

12. Read Travel Guides In-flight

Read Travel Guides In-flight

Lastly, instead of sleeping or catching up on a novel, read travel guides. Familiarize yourself with your destination. Go through the itinerary in your mind and make a note of any glitches in the plan.

This way, you can make sure that you stay clear of inconveniences. Use the insights to your advantage.

Are you feeling smarter yet? Make use of the hacks mentioned in the article to make your next vacation or business trip a success. Even last minute flights to India can be bought for great value from multiple sources.

For instance, your best bet is an online booking portal. Next, you can avail of your loyalty program points, or even travel credit cards. Every tourist has their own set of travel tricks, what’s yours?

Travel Insurance – Top 8 Reasons To Buy It!

If you are a traveler, questions like why buy travel insurance must have crossed your mind multiple times. Purchasing travel insurance while booking your flight usually seems like an unnecessary expense.

However, you should always remember that life is uncertain. There is still a little chance of an inevitable mishap in your well-planned trip to India. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself well for such occasions. Travel insurance can shield you by providing monetary compensation against your financial loss.

Here is a well-devised list of the top reasons for investing in a travel insurance plan while booking flights from the USA to India:

1. Savior During Unanticipated Occasions

Even if you are very careful when planning for your next trip, there is always a probability of things going wrong. The most common thing that can happen abroad is you getting sick. Besides, a single hospitalization there can burn a massive hole in your pocket. This way, your entire vacation can turn into a nightmare.

This is when you realize the importance of this insurance. If you have one, it can cover your medical emergencies easily. Thus, it can prevent you from a huge financial drain. Also, a travel insurance policy online includes various services. These include services like an air ambulance, medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, etc. You just need to choose a plan that is right for you.

2. A Companion in Foreign Land

A Companion in Foreign Land

Travel insurance is like your friend in a strange land. It provides you with the much-needed direction and assistance in case of any emergency. Also, these services are available globally too. Therefore, along with looking for cheap flights from Boston to India, look for a good travel insurance policy too.

Furthermore, with the internet thriving these days, availing such travel services online has become easy. To settle a claim in a foreign land, you do not need to visit the insurance office. You can easily do this just by visiting the official website. Even the 24/7 customer care services are of great help and assure instant assistance in case of emergencies. Thus, all this process is not only beneficial but also a hassle-free process.

3. Takes Care of Travel-Related Emergencies

Takes Care of Travel-Related Emergencies

Along with medical expenses, your travel insurance will also cover individual non-medical costs. These may include – loss of passport, baggage, flight delays, etc. However, if you do not have one, you will have to bear all this expenditure yourself.

Since you cannot predict the fate, getting one is a good idea. Hence, your travel insurance is sure to cover the insured for these expenses by offering financial assistance.

4. A Necessity

A Necessity

These days, if you want to enter certain countries, having a travel insurance policy is a mandatory requirement for travelers. Thus, to avail of the visa of these countries, you need to buy one along with having all other necessary documents.

Hence, make sure to check if the country you are traveling to has made getting travel insurance as a prerequisite or not.

5. Fraudulent Charges

Fraudulent Charges

Along with booking cheap flight deals to India from the USA, you need to prepare yourself for tourist frauds and scams as well. It is scary to lose a credit or debit card on a foreign trip. However, getting a message that someone else is using it is even more terrifying.

Thus, you need to be prepared just in case you face this daunting experience in a place you barely know. At this time, your insurance will come handy. You can get a refund for the money you lost within a specified period. Also, you have to file a report against this theft.

6. Takes Care of Personal Liabilities

Takes Care of Personal Liabilities 

When in a foreign place, situations like damage to a third party can occur. Travel Insurance also covers such types of property or bodily injury that can lead to financial liability.

Under this clause of your travel insurance, your insurance company will bear all the lawful expenses for the insured. Thus, you need not worry about such legal situations that occur as a mistake.

7. Global Round-The-Clock Support

Global Round-The-Clock Support

We all know that nothing can be more uneasy than being stuck in an unknown country without any help. However, if you have a travel insurance policy, you have a 24×7 helpline always at your service. It is sure to come handy during such a crisis and provide you with much-needed guidance.

Therefore, always make sure to carry a Xerox of your policy document while you are traveling. This way, you are sure to make the most out of it in case an emergency strikes. Just by dialing their helpline number, you can get a lot of help. They will assist you in finding and getting into the nearest hospital. Also, you can get an immediate medical flight.

8. Emergency Evacuation In Case Of a Medical Crisis

Emergency Evacuation In Case Of a Medical Crisis

You found yourself cheap flight tickets to Delhi, and are now enjoying your vacation there. However, a medical emergency can occur anytime. This is the time when your travel insurance will benefit you.

In case your medical condition gets severe, your insurance company will assist you in it too. They can help you reach from the incident spot to the nearby hospital. Further, if you have to go back to your country due to a medical crisis, the insurance company will cover all the transport expenses.

Even if you are on a domestic trip, travel insurance is beneficial for you. It can help you transfer from one hospital to a better one. Thus, medical evacuation is way more comfortable and cheaper if you have a travel insurance policy.

Amidst the daily monotonous city life, a wonderful holiday sounds exciting. This excitement doubles, especially in the case of an overseas journey. However, you need to prepare well to have a pleasant experience. Apart from booking flights from the USA to India and finding suitable accommodation, getting travel insurance is vital to ensure a memorable and fun-filled vacation.

6 Splendid Family Holiday Destinations in India

Are you planning a family vacation but not quite sure where to go? This article will convince you to book flight tickets to India, right away!

India is often not portrayed in the right light due to a few drawbacks. But, it is amongst the best tourist destination in the entire world. There are endless tourist attractions and activities for you.

And what’s better than spending a vacation with the family? So, join the gang and embark on a trip to the dreamland.

Here are six destinations that offer fun activities for families on vacation:

1. Srinagar, Kashmir- Paradise on Earth

Srinagar Jammu & kashmir

Srinagar should be on top of your list for your next family vacation. It has mouth-watering cuisine, breathtaking scenic beauty, and pleasant weather. Moreover, it is a popular destination among international and domestic tourists.

Fun Family Activities
  • Asia’s Largest Tulip Garden: It is a perfect place for the family to hang out on a trip to Kashmir. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden has huge rows of tulips. Also, the tulips here are present in every color possible.
  • Night over the Lake: You can spend an exciting and serene night with the whole family here. Also, you can enjoy floating over Dal Lake on a Shikara, or a Houseboat!
  • Visit the Palace of Fairies: One can easily soak in the fascinating views of the city and beyond, from the top of the Zabarwan Mountains. Also, it serves as the location for the historical monument, Pari Mahal or the Palace of Fairies.
Token of Memory

Kashmiri shawls, carpets, rugs, and spices are of the topmost quality. Also, you can bring back souvenirs. Locally-made silver jewelry, intricately designed wicker baskets and papier-mache are some of them.

2. Chandigarh, Punjab- City Beautiful

Chandigarh- The City Beautiful

Chandigarh is the greenest Indian city. This place is a perfect blend of well-preserved traditions and the latest trends.

Fun Family Activities

Understand Indian Culture through Dolls: Chandigarh’s International Dolls Museum is the perfect place to learn about India. The dolls here are from different states dressed in their regional attire. Your kids will fall in love with it for sure.

What makes the museum international?

  • The collection of the museum includes marionettes and dolls from different countries.
  • The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Spain, Korea are some of the countries that are included in the list.
  • The Ingenious Recycling Marvel: Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is an open-air exhibition of sculptures and art pieces.
  • The greatest thing about art is that the sculptures are entirely made out of urban and industrial waste.
  • Also, this intriguing tourist complex is an exciting place for a perfect family outing.
  • One Lake, Many Takes: Sukhna Lake is an artificial lake. It offers activities like boating, trampoline jumping, rowing, solar-powered Cruise.
  • Also, it has a bird sanctuary and a garden of silence that fills your family vacation with fun.

3. Shillong, Meghalaya- East’s Scotland


Nestled beautifully in the lap of nature, Shillong is a picture-perfect hill station. Several serene waterfalls are scattered throughout the city.

Also, Shillong is well-known for its friendliness and the peace-loving population. Hence, a family vacation here is an unforgettable experience.

Fun Family Activities
  • Fascinating Family Trek: The well-marked David Scott Trail is easy to follow. Therefore, it provides you a fun family-trekking.
  • This fun experience includes waterfalls, humongous rock formations, rivers, stretching meadows, woods, and the very amiable local tribes.
  • Full Family Detox: There is nothing better than taking care of your health while spending quality family time together.
  • The hot springs at Jakrem have medicinal effects. It is situated about 30 miles from Shillong. You can go for a local car rental service ton explore the area with convenience.

Best Science Lesson:

You can go to museum exploration. Since there are so many of them, including Butterfly Museum, Rhino Museum, Wankhar Entomology Museum, and many more. Also, it is the best science lesson for your kids.

4. Udaipur, Rajasthan- City of Lakes


It is situated in the Land of the Kings, or Rajasthan. Udaipur is a hotspot for families on tour. Moreover, the rolling hills of Aravalli beautifully surround it.

Fun Family Activities
  • The Fantastic Floating Palace: One can ride over the pristine water of Pichola Lake to explore the City Palace.
  • The Palace is located towards the eastern bank. Mohan Mandir is to the north-east, whereas, the Lake Palace that is situated right in the middle of the water body. There’s a lot more to discover, so hurry up!
  • Spiritual Sojourn: Eklingji Temple, dedicated to the Hindu God, Shiva is a famous tourist attraction that dates back to 734 AD.
  • Also, you can steal a glimpse of a well-preserved heritage. Also, the place gives an awe-inspiring and divine experience for family members of all ages.
  • A Cup of Culture: The Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum bears testament to the vibrant local culture and heritage.
  • You can also engage in learning arts and crafts. The interactive sessions are enjoyable for children. Also, watch out for the puppet show.

5. Darjeeling, Assam- Tea-Heaven


Darjeeling is India’s most-sought-after hill station for tea-lovers and admirers of nature. Mornai Tea Estate cultivates the best tea in the whole world.

Fun Family Activities
  • Fly with the Darjeeling Ropeway: It is Asia’s longest cable car ride. The ride takes you over the beautiful tea estates, rivers, waterfalls, dense forests, and other marvels of Mother Nature.
  • You can take the trip with the entire family. However, each car that you hire accommodates up to six members. Keep the cameras ready to capture the magnificent views of Kanchenjunga.
  • Take a Toy Train Trip: Batasia Loop is the most popular and picturesque toy train route in Darjeeling. Moreover, the attractions here are ideal for a family expedition. It includes the serene Eco-Garden.
  • The garden will help you find some of the rarest, and many unheard species of plants, flowers, etc.
  • Test the World’s Best Tea: Embark of a tea-sipping spree with your family. Test Darjeeling’s over 80 tea estates. Tea plantations cover 17500 hectares.
  • Some of the well-known estates include Happy Valley, Makabari, Chamong, Glenburn, and Mornai.

6. Kalimpong, West Bengal- Floriculture Favorite

West bengal

Kalimpong is best for the explorers of nature. It is home to highly endangered species like the Red Penda, and Barking Deer. However, the city is full of scenic beauty and tourist attractions.

Fun Family Activities
  • flower Power: Kalimpong houses many nurseries, and is the Indian hub for floriculture. Dahlias, orchids, cacti, flowers, and beautiful presents of nature are found in the local nurseries.
  • Some of the famous ones are Standard Nursery, Ganesh Moni Pardhan, Universal Nursery, and Udsai Mani Pardhan.
  • Monasteries and Temple Trail: There are many temples and monasteries that you can visit with your family for a divine experience. Must-visit monasteries include Durpin, Tharpa Choling, and Thongsa Gompa.
  • Moreover, temples like the 2-acred Mangal Dham, Hanuman Temple, and the Buddhist temple of Dharmodaya Vihar must be on top of your travel list.
  • Visit the Extraordinary Paper Factory: Open 7 days a week, a family visit to the factory is a must. You can get the rarest, and endless types, and styles of paper. Also, go around the factory for a spin. you will see that every corner holds a jaw-dropping piece of art.

Your trip to India with family is incomplete without exploring the above-mentioned Indian destinations. The activities included are sure to strengthen your bond as a family further.

Family travel must be a smooth experience. Before starting your journey, it is recommended that you pre-book everything in advance, like flight tickets to India, car rentals, hotels, etc.  Also, consider getting travel insurance for the family.

Write down important information like phone numbers on a piece of paper. Also, ask every family member to keep them in their pocket as a precautionary measure. Happy exploring!

4 Indian Music Events that Promote Travel and Tourism!

Music can be used as a powerful strategy to create and market travel products, services and experiences.

In broad sense, traveling for the love of music can be referred to as music tourism. It may be undertaken to attend an international music festival, or to simply explore sound native to a place. For instance, if you have traveled between different destinations to catch your favorite band play live, you have indulged in music tourism.

Social events like concerts generate a demand within the tourism industry. Millions of travelers trot the globe for musical quests. This article shall center Indian music festivals that attract international passengers in huge numbers.


Rajasthan is music and arts camping festival that takes place in the deserts of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It continues for three days, and has four stages. Different genres of music are played on each stage, simultaneously.

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Other activities like zorbing, sand surfing, paintball, etc. can also be enjoyed. Visitors travel to the golden sands of Rajasthan from all across the world during the month of November, annually.

Sawami Gandharva Bhimsen Festival

Sawai is organized every year during December in Pune. It is India’s grandest classical music festival. It is an amazing experience for the lovers of sitar and the authentic sound that is native to India.

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The festival was started by an Indian classical singing legend, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi in 1953.

The music lineup is composed mainly of Hindustani classical music or Indian classic music, carnatic music, Khyal Music, Qawwali, Ghazal musicians, Bhakti musicians, and dancers. Your travel to India is incomplete without experience this extraordinary musical event.

Tyagaraja Aradhana

Tyagaraja Aradhana is a music event that takes place in the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The festival is organized to commemorate the great Telugu saint and composer, Tyagaraja, every year on his death anniversary.

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Owing to the legacy of the great composer the event is celebrated with great fervor in Mauritius and Nigeria held in the honor of Tyagaraja. Cleveland Thyagaraj Festival, Ohio is also observed in his honor.


Ruhaniyat translates to spiritualism, or soulfulness. Endeavors to promote Sufi music gave birth to Ruhaniyat in the year 2001. Since then it is organized by Banyan Tree Events, and is attended by millions of travelers from across the globe.

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The musical lineup is composed of the finest artists in the Sufi, folk and classical music, hailing from remote villages of India to far-off places like Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, etc. There are no star performers, but raw and hidden talent that is showcased through this platform.

The venue of the event encompasses 8 cities. However, the event is started off in Mumbai.

Music is undoubtedly, the driving force behind all music festivals. However, they are not limited to music. It is about creating an atmosphere and selling an unconventional travel experience to the audience.

India is full of tradition, cultures, heritage, arts and music. Apart from the ones mentioned in the article, there are hundreds of other music festivals that take place here. No matter what time of the year you shall always find some kind of musical event or the other, taking place in this incredible nation.

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6 Things to Know About In-flight Meals

The quality of the in-flight meal is an essential factor that adds to your experience of the airline. Did you know that the first-ever onboard meal consisted of fruits and sandwiches in a pre-packed lunch? It was back in 1919. The airline catering has come a long way since then.

Today, airline catering is a multi-billion industry. You have the luxury to relish seven-course gourmet meal midair. The quality and quantity of the meal depend on the airline and the travel class. The food offered by the airline mirrors the cuisine of the country it is based in.

Nothing is Cooked Onboard

Open flame midair is a safety concern. It is one of the primary reasons why nothing is prepared in-flight. The food is usually precooked. All the cabin crew has to do is to heat it, and serve.

A convection oven for the same comes in handy. However, many airlines have upgraded their fleet of aircraft with steam ovens. It maintains the necessary moisture in the food.

A Delay in Flight May Lead to Wastage of Food

The airplane pantry is restocked after every flight. The food waste may escalate in case of a delay in flight. All the unconsumed food is disposed of due to the food safety regulations.

Whenever a flight delay exceeds six to eight hours, the airline staff has to dispose of all the food onboard as per the food safety instructions.

Airplane Food Critics Exist

Do you know that there are food critics, particularly for airplane meals? They can be a handy source to gain insights on the quality of food, offered by a particular airline. Some professional critics have their websites that you can check for reviews.

Food May Taste Different Onboard

You may often come across people complaining about the taste of the food. High altitude may be the reason for the same. The humidity, the change in the air pressure, and other such factors affect your taste buds. It drops a human being’s ability to taste flavors by a couple of notches.

Do Not Skip an In-flight Meal

Not having a meal onboard can be troublesome for your health. Food maintains your blood sugar levels, which keeps you energetic. It also helps to fight the flight-fatigue. The airline meals are selected to provide immunity against jet-lag.

Additional Meal

Do you know you can ask for an extra in-flight meal? The airplane pantry is equipped with enough food. If the crew has some leftovers, they would be more than obliged to provide you with an additional meal.

Airline catering offers a lot of meal options keeping in mind diet requirements, religious preferences, etc. Halal food is served on airlines operating in Islamic countries. Similarly, kosher food is offered for Rabbi. Airlines are coming up with healthier and tastier in-flight meals with more options.

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Delightful Food & Drink of India One Should Taste!

There are several reasons that the travelers are more affected by the varieties and tastes of food and drink of India. Inspired by the cuisines of Arabian, Malabari, and French, India has enhanced its flavors with a touch of cultural aspects that makes each dish itself an amazing experience which leaves the foodies to ask for more! From the vast platters of vegetarian dishes to the sweet and savory dishes, the range of food and drinks has the potential to take everyone’s heart! So, get a delightful ride by booking flights from USA to India at best prices from renowned portal!!!

Some of the best food and drink in India are:

Szechuan Button

If dandelion-yellow bulb pops up on your lawn or on the pavement between a crack, this will not create another form. If a person starts chewing then it is difficult to ignore it. The Sichuan Button eating experience shows its characteristics such as electric daisy and buzz buttons. A natural alkaloid, Spilanthol regulates the functioning of salivary glands in the plant and leads to an extreme tingling sensation that finally reduces numbness. Most people define its taste like a “9-Volt Battery”. The active ingredient of the flower, Spilanathol is considered as a painkiller. Well-known as toothache plant, it is used in many herbal remedies in South America, North Africa, and Asia. It is used as a flavor in Tabacco and Brazilian soup. The plant received this name due to its flavor which contains the same taste as of Shuguan black pepper. Don’t wait! Get a refreshing experience by booking cheap flights from Atlanta to India.

Chai at Sahu Tea Shop

Sahu Tea Shop is one of the most famous tea shops, located in Chaura Road in Pink City. There are 10 inner seats available where people can sit, relax, and have their tea. For the most part, customers drink their tea standing on the street. From 5 AM to 11 PM, men of many generations help in running a café, which is never less for customers. The café has pictures of Rajasthan’s chief minister that enhances its popularity. The cream, a pinch of cardamom gives the tea a tantalizing flavor. Some customers have alleged that tea is very addictive; there might be a secret element in it. It’s just about a creamy cup of chai that attracts people even from far places. Indulge yourself in cozy conversations with a cup of chai by booking cheap flights from Albuquerque to India.

Kala Jamun

Composed of paneer and cottage cheese, dry milk solids, dried fruit, each fried ball has a thin mouth. Bakers knead the dough in dairy products, roll the mixture into balls, and fry them on high medium. On frying, the batter becomes a black color, hence, this sweet has earned its name as “Kala Jamun”. It is like a shell, sticky thing that coats the fingers, and crushes the deep-fried exterior. It is similar to the taste of caramelized milk and sugar.

Both Kala and Gulab Jamun have been a part of Indian celebrations. However, Kala Jamun belongs to the category of popular Indian dessert called Gulab Jamun. The best is to eat it when served hot. Fill sweetness in your life with Kala Jamun by availing cheap flights from Charlotte to India online!!!

Doodh Soda

It is a preparation method to pour boiling milk into a metal bucket, which rotates in ice water containers. When the milk gets cooled then mix it with soda such as Thums Up, Sprite, or Pakola. Other times, sellers mix ice with glass, take out the last mixture, and make it smooth. Moreover, they also add hot pink roasted Afza rose and a drizzle of fruit syrup. However, at home, a glass of soda, milk with honey tastes more delightful. Although this mixture is now uncommon in most parts of the world, milk with soda water is known to be a healthy combination.

Doodh Soda is particularly popular during Ramadan, Holy month when Muslims do fasting. After spending a day without eating or drinking, this creamy milk drink with sugar and soda plays the role of a soothing drink.


In order to beat the intense heat of summer, there are a large number of people who prefer to take tall glasses of Falooda. In any combination of this ice-drink, frosty in the dinner, rose syrup, and basil seeds will be found in milk. Almonds, ice cream, and pistachios often combine crunchy and creamy ingredients in goose, aromatic compounds. In addition to rose syrup, taste like black currant, pineapple, grapes, and orange are some other options that are available in the cafe and restaurants throughout the country.

Local people in Mumbai are often delighted with its modern flavor, but this composition is preferred by Indians all over the world. Today, the Faluda Stall plastic sells two-to-go containers, which reflects the country’s beaches, but many people believe that it has landed with royalty.  During the era of the 17th century, Faluda was a rich jelly-like drink that was made with the help of wheat stem, fruit juice, and cream.” It is one of the most famous milkshake-like desserts in summer, Taste exotic flavors of Falooda by cheap flights from Boston to India online!!!


In the 16th century, the wine known as Feni is a distinction of destroying the fruits of cashew nuts. Nowadays, it is the ubiquitous plant and most popular liquor in Goa. According to Aficionados, a good feni is powerful but does not leave any effect on your tongue. It gives the taste of tropical fruit and walnut spices with sour drinks, such as local lemons and lime soda, and Limca.

Basic Goan Distillers made it by using modern production methods. First of all, the Feni producers take cashew apple and then crush them under the traditional process of making liquor. Then, they press the pulp under the heavy boulder, store the juice, and put it in pottery.

Most feni distillers in Goa use their copper utensils. Variations in containers and cleanliness, benchmark testing, define its quality and strength, but it is difficult for those who drink rarely. Feni received the status of “Geographic Indicator”, which means that the real fennel can be derived from Goa in 2009. There have been inspired attempts to standardize cleanliness and quality, but many argue that mass production leads to tasteless product. Fennel can be cleaner on a large scale, but there will be a lack of unique changes that make the beverage a local specialty of Goa.

Indian food and drink have attracted many civilizations for centuries and it is known for its ease. In India, each region offers great variations in its dishes that are based on natural, local, cultural, and religious aspects. Become a foodie lover by booking flights from USA to India with reliable website!!!

3 Ravishing Things to Do In Chandigarh, Bengaluru, and Jaipur!!!

Discover new adventures and utilize your time by trying lots of new things in Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru. Places in these cities are popular among history buffs. For the travelers who cannot wait to explore the rich heritage of the country, these places have a lot to offer. Explore the neighborhoods of these historical cities with all ideal activities. Give it a shot and book cheap flight tickets to Chandigarh from any renowned portal!!!

Take a look at these 3 exciting things to do in Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru, which are not only perfect for travelers but also affordable for them:


Leisure Valley

Being a perfect place for those who are seeking for peace, Leisure Valley covers the 6 sectors of Tricity. This valley has several parts that include parks and gardens for both adults and kids such as a topiary Park, Rose garden, Bouganvilla Garden, and a lot more, which cover the patch of 8 Km.  Exploring Leisure Valley is considered as the best option to avoid the daily chaos of city life.

Well-known as the city’s garland, it is one of the ideal tourist attractions. Moreover, this place is used by a large number of people for various activities such as morning and evening walk, running, chit-chatting with friends, and yoga. The three-day grand fiesta ‘Festivals of Gardens’ is held here. After coming here you will definitely like it.

Rose Garden here is one of Asia’s largest gardens in the rest of the valley. It covers an area of approximately ​​27 acres and comprises of more than 17000 plants. One can easily discover 1600 types of roses that include a rare black rose. You can easily avail cheap flight tickets from Adelaide to Chandigarh at minimum prices to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Sukhna Lake

Being an astonishing artificial lake, it is made by dragging the water of the stream. You can find many people who like to walk in the garden to relax. In addition to this, travelers can have spectacular boating experience as they can never have elsewhere. This place is very good to visit with families as well as for groups of friends.

Travelers can avail all the benefits of several amenities that are offered by Sukhna Membership such as Swimming, Indoor games, Outdoor activities, and Gym. Having the longest channel for yachting and rowing sports, this lake has been the spot of the Asian Rowing Championship. Stated as a wetland protected by the Indian government, there is also a sanctuary in this lake where travelers can see many migratory birds such as Storks, and Siberian ducks.


Popular as the retail store brand, 1469 named after the same year in which Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born. Travelers can find all the traditional stuff from clothing to accessories linked with Sikhism in Chandigarh. Therefore, if you are thinking to add some flavors from Chandigarh to upgrade your wardrobe, then it is an important place. It also includes both Western wear and Indo-Western fusion wear. The main aim of this shop is to bring back the urban and unique touch of typical Chandigarh into everything.

Besides clothes, travelers also have the option to buy traditional paintings, souvenirs, and artwork. After entering in this shop, people can’t resist themselves from buying something here. 1469 has its e-store has started dealing with large corporate. It is situated in Bridge Market in Sector 17-D, which is a landmark for shopaholics!


Rangoli Metro Arts Centre

The Center is a one and only cultural activity center for multiple interests. There are three art galleries that are named as Belaku, Vismaya, and Chaya, which exhibit visual artifacts, arts, paintings, photos, sculptures, and artwork. It includes an auditorium “Rangasthala”, where comedy shows, magic shows, and many puppet shows are organized. It also includes the children’s play area that has a beautiful fountain, sports, and structures. There is a demo area used for batik printing and pottery. Nagara Pete offers the opportunity to set up shop for small collectives, artists, cottage industries, and designers. During the festivals, the music performances are hosted at this open space. Grab flights from Brisbane to Bengaluru at cost-effective prices online.

Art exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

It is one of the country’s leading fine arts institutes. It includes various activities such as folk theatre, dance performances, puppet shows, musical concerts, and photography exhibitions. It is a treasure of paintings that are made by popular artists such as Roerich. It has a graphics studio and an open-air theater, and it has five art galleries, which are rented to artists who want to show their work. This includes workshops, artists’ camps, and exhibitions. It also has Chitrakala Vidyalaya that is affiliated to the Bangalore University and offers courses in the art history, sculpture, graphic arts, painting, and applied arts.

The Bangalore Palace

The palace, enclosed by its gardens and cannons, is a piece of majestic gorgeous splendor. Gothic architecture, battlemented parapets, and Fortified towers make this palace grandeur. Some areas of the palace are open to the public except for those wings, where Wadiaars have private residence. The place is acquainted with the rich heritage of the Mysore Kingdom. A lot of cultural exhibitions, performances, and weddings are held in this palace, so if you are fortunate enough, you can see a rocking exhibition!


Chokhi Dhani

Get a Rajasthani cultural experience by visiting Chokhi Dhani in Jaipur. Enjoy the atmosphere of this village resort and get entertained with Rajasthani folk performances, magic shows, puppet shows, elephant rides, camel rides, acrobatics, boating, and more. The best thing to do at Jaipur is to try delicious Rajasthani dishes in the open-air restaurant. It offers an ideal break from the city’s life, where one can enjoy the beauty of nature and rural life. Without worrying about the budget, book cheap flights from Perth to Jaipur online.

Folk Festivals

Join the celebration in Pink City where Gangaur and Teej are celebrated with zest. Dance on the tune of traditional Hindi folk songs and play with colors with your loved ones. Every year the festival is celebrated in Khasa Kothi. There is also a City Tour bus, which takes you across the city for the picturesque views of colorful festivals.

Increase your level of enjoyment in Jaipur by flying kites in Man Sagar Lake and savor the recipes like Til-Ke-Laddu and ‘Dal-ke-Pakodas’ during Kite Festival. Another popular festival, Ganagaur festival is organized here in the month of Chaitra. This festival is a celebration of the meeting of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. On this auspicious day, women decorate their palm and fingers with henna and worship for a happy life after marriage. Look for the best cheap flight tickets from Perth to Jaipur at reliable websites!!!

Tree House Resort

Glamping is one of the famous adventure activities of Pink city. Travelers should try glamping in the Tree House Resort, where there are sophisticated facilities, iron beds, leather chairs, which welcome you wholeheartedly. Moreover, travelers can stay in the “nest” on the Keekar tree, which is named after the birds in the region. They can also enjoy with Jungle Safari, ATV Rides, Camel Ride, Tennis Court, Bird Watching and Outdoor Films.

Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Bengaluru have their own aura and luxurious hospitality, which draws the attention of all its visitors. Enjoy trying new things and visiting all these places this summer and try delicious cuisines of the country in famous restaurants. Don’t wait and book cheap Flight tickets to Chandigarh now!!!